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My snuggle monkey is now 11. Parker’s birthday came and went with little acknowledgement. We warned him it would be that way. It’s hard to have a great birthday when you’re moving two days later.

We gave him gifts a whole week early to make up for his not so great birthday. The Gravity Falls book he really wanted wouldn’t be available that early. We got him one book and told him he could get the other one later. He also got some books from Amazon. That wasn’t really related to his birthday. He packed his Kindle and said he had nothing to read. Being the softies we are, we bought him some books to enjoy until we moved in to our new house.

My mom sent birthday cards to the boys with some birthday cash. She went to her post office to hand over the cards in person for delivery. She was a day late on Gavin’s birthday, making her ten days early on Parker’s birthday. Parker’s card arrived on the 12th. I went to my post office to see what happened to Gavin’s card. No one really had an answer for me. When I asked why I didn’t receive any mail I was reminded that I had put in a mail transfer request. Um, you’re holding my mail a week early? What? The supervisor guy went into the back once and handed me a piece of junk mail. We talked in circles some more and he went to the back again. He came back with a handful of normal looking mail. Just no Gavin card.

I left the post office being told that cards are processed by hand and do not go through a machine. Wait and see was the basic sentiment. I was not impressed since it had already been about a week since my mom sent the cards! Even though I was assured my mailman knew to continue delivering our mail until the 18th, we did not get any mail. We meant to go pick it up from the post office on Saturday and didn’t have time. Gavin’s card was delivered that evening. You know, after 5:00. Even though they swear my postman clocks out at 5:00. I have video evidence that says otherwise!

At least Gavin got his birthday gift from my mom. In the meantime, Parker cannot wait to move into our house so he can spend his birthday money! My boys are complete opposites when it comes to money. Gavin never spends his own but has no problem spending our money. Parker just can’t function with any amount of cash in his possession.

Parker also received a birthday gift from his best friend, Paul. Paul’s family had invited us over to celebrate the 4th of July. That’s when he gave Parker a gift. So sweet. Paul has a birthday later in July and was going to have a party on the 30th. I had to break the sad news to his mom that we would be gone by then. Paul was extremely upset that we were leaving. Julie was nice enough to rearrange the entire party for the 6th.

It was an all day deal too. In the morning I took Parker shopping for the perfect Infinity expansion pack that Paul wanted. Parker found a card that nearly had me in tears. It was the perfect sentiment considering the circumstances. We ran a couple more errands then got home in time for a sad raid-the-freezer-and-microwave-it lunch. Then I dropped Parker off at Paul’s house for the rest of the day.

They started out at Rock N Jump. Then they went back to Paul’s place for swimming and pizza. They rounded out the evening with a movie. Julie kept texting asking if Parker could stay longer since they got off schedule. He had the time of his life! Paul had only invited Parker and another friend from school. The boys got along great and had a blast together.

I made sure Parker’s birthday was recognized at church the Sunday before. I didn’t want him to be spotlighted the day after his birthday on his last day in that ward!

It was funny that Parker couldn’t sleep the night before we promised to give him early birthday presents. He still couldn’t sleep the night before his real birthday! We warned him that his birthday would be a bust. He didn’t care. He told us weeks ago that all he wanted for his birthday was a house. We tried to remind him that’s what he wanted and that his birthday would be a bust. He didn’t care.

I love my Parker. He is such a great kid. He worked his tail off all day helping us with random things. He helped his dad take furniture apart and pack things. He helped me pack things and clean. He helped all day long. We were very vocal with our approval. That boy is a lifesaver sometimes with how helpful he is.

A meltdown still happened. Heath and I could not feel worse. It was the world’s crappiest birthday. We warned him it would be. We did our best to make up for it by celebrating early. Saturday came and all ill warnings came true. It still hurt. A lot.

We were on the fence about stopping our progress to see a movie. That was the tipping point. Parker melted down into a puddle of tears buried in his dad’s chest. I took my sobbing boy over to the couch and held him on my lap for a good cry. Heath yelled and growled at the desk components he was trying to take apart. He was very proud that he never said any bad words! When he had beaten the desk into submission, (we both remembered what a pain it was to put together in the first place), he told the kids to get ready for dinner and a movie. Parker sobbed even harder. Every bit of moving stress erupted out at that time.

The movie tickets were purchased first. Then we headed over to On the Border for our very last meal. I was so happy to get one of our regular waiters. We made sure all the OTB staff knew it was Parker’s birthday. At the end of the meal a bunch of wait staff came by screaming and pounding walls OTB birthday style. They yelled out that it was Parker’s birthday! Our waiter set in front of him a huge platter of apple crisp a la mode. He poured caramel sauce on it that bubbled and sizzled on contact.

Luckily they brought out five spoons. There was more dessert there than anyone could eat alone. After dinner we watched The Secret Life of Pets. It was cute. Slow story but riveting enough that I never did fall asleep! All was right with the world once more. My boy had turned 11 and he was happy.