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We are homeless. As of about 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon. Everything sort of happened at once. The movers were still loading our stuff. The Relief Society sisters were finishing up the cleaning party. The landlord showed up for the final walk thru. It was awkward and the strangest ending to the longest day.

The landlord asked for our keys before he was even finished wandering around. Want us out much? He asked when we could get all the garbage out. Then he asked us to lock up the house when we left. Hmm. Dude, you got all our keys and the garage door openers. You lock up!

We stuffed our kids into the very full van and made them hold garbage on their laps since there was nowhere else to put it. We drove up the Road to Nowhere for the last time. Instead of driving up to the light, we turned into the park in search of a dumpster. This time it wasn’t the dead of night. We were in light colored clothing dumping our contraband in broad daylight.

Heath had told Ron and Margo about our late night run to the dumpster a few days earlier. Ron said that we weren’t the first ones to do that. I’m sure not. But the recycle truck left us no choice. Who goes to all the trouble of removing large cardboard boxes standing tall and at attention, only to leave them on the grass? Between that idiocy and the passive aggressive mailman saga continuing with him holding our mail a week early! I was not in the best of moods. I no longer felt any spec of remorse with secretly dumping all kinds of fun stuff in a dumpster in the park in the dead of night.

This time around was full of as much desperation. The movers had fizzled out by the end, adding two hours to the four we planned on paying for. They quickly lost their tip. Especially when they were packing so tightly and well that we thought we could save space on the trailer and they finished off with us gaining space. Ugh. So when we had to literally carry out garbage and items we expected people to take for us, we stopped caring. Extra packing supplies and all went straight into the dumpster. Ironically it was the dumpster near the playground closest to our house. Yes we drove two miles to get to a dumpster ten or so houses from where we used to live. What are you going to do?

There are so many stories to share. I’m not sure where to begin. Maybe I won’t today. We reached out to Paula, our home builder contact, to let her know we wanted to swing by the house tomorrow on our way through town. She agreed to meet us at the house and let us walk through. I am so excited! We still have our 2-4 hour tour scheduled for Friday. The kids can see the house tomorrow. I think we’re having a big party tomorrow with Heath’s parents and Aunt Chris and Uncle Charlie joining. I can’t wait! Who buys a house sight unseen? Only us!

I think we have officially made it to the cave. On Sunday Gwen said, “We made it to the bathrooms! Tomorrow we will be at the entrance to the cave!” Driving has been the easy part. I’m on pins and needles for the walk back up to the bathrooms. Then again, maybe not every cave hiking metaphor will manifest itself.