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My Gavin is officially a teenager. Yesterday he was a 12 year old boy and today he is a 13 year old man. He is taller than me, is starting to grow facial hair, and is a great kid.

He woke up on his own this morning and got in the shower before I was ready to emerge from my own comfy bed. He even fixed himself breakfast without being asked. All the kids are self sufficient with breakfast. They sometimes have to be reminded to eat when they sleep in. He said he decided to do all of that because he is 13 now.

I can’t believe I’m old enough to have a teenager. This is a new phase of parenting for me. It’s kind of exciting that all three kids are entering adolescence at the same time. It’s also quite scary too. Last week while Gavin was at Scout Camp, I took the other two kids to the doctor for their well child checkups. Gwen should have gone around her birthday but I got busy and forgot. Parker hasn’t been for a couple years so I figured we could fit it in before we moved.

Gwen is becoming a little woman, much to her father’s dismay. Have the gun control laws made it harder for fathers to protect their daughters? Two days later I took Parker to the doctor. The doctor made a big deal out of Parker reaching that next stage. He suggested that Parker announce to his father that he is becoming a man. It’s been a big thing in our family for days now. Parker still can’t say the words with a straight face though!

With the craziness of this move, the boys aren’t going to have very exciting birthdays. On Saturday we took Gavin to Best Buy. We told him we wanted to get him the Madden 17 game. It won’t be out for a while though. We let him shop and decide what he wanted for his birthday.

My only fiscally responsible child decided he didn’t want anything. He wasn’t sure he really wanted the Madden 17 game and he wasn’t interested in anything else the store had to offer. Heath and I convinced him to take his time. Research what he wanted before spending the money. He was fine with that. Although I better make sure he does something with the gift card. Gavin has a tendency to forget about money. It never burns a hole in his pocket. I’m more likely to accidently wash it.

We went out for lunch at a Philly cheese steak shop. It’s a place Heath and I have loved going to when the kids were at school. The kids weren’t so sure. I think they decided it wasn’t as bad as they thought. Gavin ordered a King of Philly, which is a very large sandwich. He struggled to finish it! Finally the kid was full! It was a birthday miracle!

For dinner we are having spaghetti because it’s Gavin’s favorite food. He doesn’t really care to go out to eat. He loves homemade food and spaghetti is his all time favorite. I love that when he was talking to my mom he told her that we weren’t going out for dinner. “Dad says we have to save money and stuff.” That’s partly true. But way to miss the point kid! We are having spaghetti because it’s your favorite.

Parker worked really hard on a Lego creation for Gavin last week. He creatively wrapped it in a toy bin with paper taped to the top that read: “To Gavin from Parker Do Not Shake!” I love the creativity involved with a special homemade gift.

Gavin is very creative too. He signed up for the rifle shooting merit badge at camp. The boys were supposed to hit a target a certain number of times within a small distance. I guess the first day Gavin didn’t qualify. I don’t know if they ran out of time or what the story was. He was going to have another chance on the last day.

The night before he said he was sitting around the campfire and noticed something fall into his lap. It was the lens from his glasses. The pin had fallen out causing the lens to pop out of his frames. I had the same problem about the same time which is kind of funny. Gavin kept the lens in a safe place and walked around with only one corrective lens in his glasses.

He wasn’t sure what to do about the rifle shooting. You’re supposed to aim with your dominant eye but that was the lens that was missing. So he turned his glasses upside down to shoot! He qualified for the merit badge. We have seen his target paper and his shots are very close together. Nice shooting!

Happy birthday Gavin! We are so grateful you are part of our family. We missed you like crazy last week when you were camping. We love you so much! I’m sorry I was the only one to get presents on your birthday. A new insulin pump, glucometer, and new supplies isn’t much of a present though.