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I was talking to a friend recently. She wondered if God really remembered her. “I’m just one grain of sand.” I assured her that He remembers her. He knows her name. He knows the desires of her heart. And I promised her that her miracle will happen.

She had been praying about something for quite some time. The more she talked about the journey and how it has humbled her family, the more I could see that the Lord, in His wisdom, was teaching them. She told me that on one of her many trips to the temple she felt the impression that she would receive a miracle.

I have had my own experiences with feeling those impressions in the temple. On one such occasion I had the thought that I would get my miracle. It would come in a way I would least expect it, but I would get my miracle. Two days later I was floored by the crazy circumstances that led to my miracle. He knows. He is in charge. We just have to trust Him.

God loves all of His children. He remembers each and every one.

Friends of ours found out they got the home they were hoping to move to. They have a few weeks to move from their apartment to the larger home before their lease is up. They are excited because they are only changing their address. They will be in the same schools and the same ward congregation. The community they love will not change.

Another friend is expecting. She has travailed through the lonely trail of infertility and miscarriage. After much fasting and prayer her greatest dreams are coming true. There may be an amazing story there that I don’t know about. All I know is this is something she and her husband have wanted for years. When she told me the happy news I got goosebumps.

I found out that another family is moving to Utah. It was interesting talking to him about it. He said that they look back and realize living here was not about them. It was for his sister in law. She needed help establishing herself here as she started her business. I wondered what would happen to her. She has built a great clientele and it would probably be silly for her to leave at this point. He told me she moved out several weeks ago. She reached the point where she was financially able to go out on her own. She will stay while they leave. God obviously had His hand all over this one!

My favorite story involves prayers, furniture, and Facebook. Signing up for Facebook was a big deal for me.  When the thought occurred to me to advertise my things there I thought maybe it was meant to be that I sign up at this time. Just before I left for church I checked my phone for messages. Any last minute changes in Primary that I needed to know about before I walked out the door.

Instead it was a Facebook comment. It very simply said, “We will come get them.” This was in response to the photo I posted of my living room furniture.

The story about giving away the furniture is interesting too. Heath tried to talk me into giving it away before we moved here. I flat out refused. He tried to tell me that we may not find a home with both a living room and family room so why not get rid of the extra furniture ahead of time. No. I wouldn’t do it. I loved that whole furniture set. I would not compromise. Gratefully the home we moved to had both a living room and family room. My furniture was safe.

Yesterday he tentatively suggested I consider giving away my living room furniture. He wasn’t sure how I would react. To his surprise, I said I would be fine with that. It felt like it was time. He promised me new furniture when we got to our new house. He promised me double the price we originally paid. I was fine with it. I hated to see my stuff go because I have loved it so much. But it was time and I was okay with it.

Someone contacted me about picking up the bookcases and she wanted the living room lamps as well. I commented on my own Facebook posts updating the status of the items I had advertised. For the living room post I just said the lamps had found a new home but the rest of the furniture was still available.

Circle back to the comment this morning. “We will come get them.” I will admit I thought she must have misunderstood. She must have only wanted the lamps or something. Not the whole furniture set. It couldn’t be true, right?

Heath was walking down the hall towards me and the kids as we walked in the door. Way before he got to us he said, “Our living room furniture is gone!” Chills and goosebumps all over again. He had been talking to the lady who commented that she wanted it.

She was so excited about the furniture and so stunned we were giving it all away that she asked him for a hug. After Sacrament Meeting she hugged me too. Actually just before the meeting started she waved at me with a huge grin on her face. I mouthed the words, “I love you!” Because when I make a decision I expect execution. The fact that she wants this furniture will probably save us $200 in space on the moving truck.

She and her family recently moved here. They have been using camping chairs and other outdoor furniture in their living room. The best part is we have a similar taste in furnishings. She loved everything about the furniture down to the shape of the couches. That was always my favorite part too.

This story is a real life example of what I used to tell the young women I taught years ago. “If it’s important to you, it’s important to Him!” The Lord wants us to be happy. So much so that He will orchestrate events like this. These are not mere coincidences. This is the hand of the Lord blessing the lives of His children. He chooses most often to bless His children’s lives through other people.

Does He remember you? I promise He does! When you have those moments of doubt and think He can’t possibly remember you because you’re only a grain of sand on the beach, remember this. He knows you. He knows what exactly what you are going through. He experienced it all when He atoned for you. He knows and He cares. More than you will ever know.