I have been blogging for nine years now. As time marches on I see that blogging is becoming outdated and old fashioned. I don’t really care. I just like to write and I have an obsession with documenting my life.

Over the years I have given people my blog address as a way to keep in touch. People don’t care! Blogging is outdated and old fashioned, remember? After being morally opposed to it for one reason or another, I have finally joined Facebook. The tipping point was knowing that I have so many friends here in the Bay Area that I had to do something before moving to the great Northwest.

I know that once my records are sent to my new ward congregation, I won’t be able to access the people from my current ward congregation. Everything is online these days. Signing up for Facebook seemed to make the most sense. Nine years in one place is a long time. Our roots are pretty deep and we don’t want to lose touch with our friends.

Already I have learned that people respond to Facebook faster than texts and especially emails. Emails are so 20 years ago! I sent out a whole bunch of emails with pictures of items we are trying to give away before we move. Only two were forwarded and with the holiday weekend, there wasn’t the same level of response that I normally get from giveaway emails.

The Relief Society secretary suggested I post the pictures on Facebook. I was already thinking of doing something like that because I don’t have time to wait for my emails to get forwarded to the group. We’re out of here in a little more than two weeks. I’m such a Facebook dummy it took a long time to figure it all out. With no responses to my antiquated form of communication I finally texted the lady who started the Relief Society Facebook page. Apparently it’s a closed group so no wonder I couldn’t find it! I have been invited and am anxiously waiting for takers of my items.

The pool is scheduled to be picked up in a couple of days. The bookcases and a couple of lamps are gone as well. At least that.

In the meantime, I am fashionably late to the Facebook party and I have no idea what I’m doing!