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It seems to be true that the more I recognize blessings in my life, the more blessings there are to recognize. Here are a few recent blessings.

Our air conditioner was fixed yesterday. Not long after the men left, the temperature slowly began to rise again. Heath left a message with them again. We have not heard back from them. Obviously there are other clients to take care of. We probably are in line for services.

The blessing part is that the windows are still open. I’m sure if it wasn’t so breezy today it would feel much hotter. As it is, I feel cool air circulating through the house just with windows open and fans blowing. That is a beautiful blessing!

The other day we came across a letter in the mail that was a strange blessing. It was instructions for Heath to receive over $900 owed to him by Google. Years and years ago he worked for a company that we lovingly refer to as the biggest mistake of our lives. The company wanted him to analyze click stream data. They insisted he use his own account for the clickable ads. So before G-mail was the household name that it is now, he created a G-mail account.

Since leaving that company, Heath has tried multiple times to get the payout. For one reason or another he could not get to the money. He has even offered use of the account to other people for a portion of the revenue, or even for free! No takers. Now out of the blue, we are able to access the payout. It’s a significant amount of money. Much more than the measly tens of dollars I earned from Google ads over many years of hosting them on my blog. Certainly another blessing.

Apparently the Brexit thing with Great Britain leaving the UK could affect our mortgage interest rate. We locked in a really nice rate but thanks to Brexit, it may go even lower. It’s crazy to think how well timed things have been lately. We cashed out our investment at the right time, we are moving at just the right time. We could not have planned it better ourselves.

Recently I was reminded that I inherited some Olympic memorabilia from my dad. When I got it I wasn’t sure what to do with it. He had a couple of things but not a lot. I really only wanted it because of my connection to the 2002 Winter Olympics. I loved learning that my dad had volunteered and had some cool stuff from that experience. The plan was to find our Olympic cow bell and put it in a shadow box with my dad’s pins and things.

Something had triggered this memory and I could not find any of the stuff I got from my dad. I had a sinking feeling that maybe it was another casualty of the robbery. The only place I could think of putting that stuff was in a jewelry drawer. It wasn’t there. I felt awful.

Yesterday while I was packing up picture frames I found my dad’s things in a plastic box from the garage. I saw that box on Saturday and even looked at some of the contents. I took the box inside to deal with later. There were quite a few picture frames that I wanted to wrap and pack with the rest of our picture frames. It was when I took out the frames that I could more easily see the few items left in the box. There it was. The lost Olympic box and two packaged pins.

I ran upstairs to tell Heath the good news! When I came back down Ho Hey! by the Lumineers was playing. Hi Dad. Every time I hear that song I think of my dad. Every time it comes on I say “Hi Dad.” I looked at the items in my hands and added, “I found you.”