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Things are getting harder. It is 98 degrees outside and our air conditioning died yesterday. We came home from church at 1:00 pm and the inside of the house was 85 degrees. The A/C was barely blowing any air and what air was being blown was warm. Normally we don’t play in the pool on Sundays. Yesterday was an exception.

Heath emailed the landlord informing him of the issue and how we had not heard back from the A/C guy in over three weeks. Magically the response was the part the A/C guy needed was in! Miraculous. He will come fix the problem on Tuesday. Yay. We get to melt for another day.

Do you know how hard it is to stay motivated to pack and clean when the house feels like a sauna? It’s getting hard to stay motivated to continue living. Okay, that may be a little overdramatic. But it is so hot and uncomfortable in here I have been snippy all day. I don’t want to be but my fuse seems to be quite short.

Gavin left for the week to Scout Camp this morning at 4:00 am. That is so early in the morning! I miss him like crazy already. Camping out in the heat almost sounds better than what we are dealing with at home. You expect the great outdoors to be hot and miserable. The insides of houses should not be. I had to move my test strips downstairs in the hopes that they won’t overheat. The thermostat is downstairs reading a good 20 degrees lower than what is happening upstairs. I moved my current insulin bottle into the fridge. I can’t let that stuff go bad because the landlord thought he could blow us off until we move!

I don’t believe for five seconds that it took this long for the part to arrive. We have complained about the A/C every summer for nine long years. Prior to moving in we were told the unit was not sufficient for the house’s needs. It would be replaced. That never happened. No one seems to want to deal with it. We are just told to suck it up and live in uncomfortable conditions while still paying outrageous amounts of money in rent. I hate it here!

Heath has been flip flopping on his feelings of getting our deposit back. I have remained adamant the entire time that I am prepared to fight for it. We took care of the house as best we could with a flaky handyman and all other issues going ignored or otherwise unresolved. I will not lie down and take it on this one.

We complement each other in that he can catch more flies with honey. When that still doesn’t work, he turns me loose. I look forward to giving the property management company a piece of my mind because this is ridiculous.

Heath’s coworkers suggested we charge the landlord $100 a day for every day the A/C is out. Nice idea but I want to give them the power bill instead. The fans we normally use to supplement the inadequate A/C are now overheating and randomly turning themselves off.

All day I keep thinking of things I will not miss when we move. It’s funny because while I am in the house I hate so many things. I want out of here like you wouldn’t believe. Then we go out into the community and I miss the people. Church is the hardest. Some people are taking our news harder than others but everyone is bummed we are leaving. We will miss them all too. Nine years is a long time.

I just took Gwen to her last well-child checkup and I could cry. We love our pediatrician and he was genuinely surprised and sad to learn we are moving. He gave both me and Gwen a hug. He suggested we take a picture of the blue sky in case we forget what it looks like when we are in Seattle!

On the desk, in front of the keys with no names, is a picture of the front of our house. In that picture the sun is out and the sky is blue. On the top right of the garage is a big red sign saying “Sorry! SOLD” This is our house! This is the cave at the end of the brutal hike. That hike to the Timpanogas Caves was the perfect metaphor for this move. Right now everything hurts. Everything is uncomfortable and frustrating. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize. Thanks again for the picture, Dawn! It is wonderfully motivating.