Saturdays are sacred. It is the one day Heath doesn’t have to work. Except we both have to work. We have to get things prepared for church the next day. While we work on many church jobs throughout the week, there are some things that cannot be done any sooner than Saturday night. It’s hard to have to stop what we’re doing as a family to get these things done but at least we have a system. We can get that Primary room set up lickety split!

This sacred Saturday was especially precious. It was the first full day that Heath could help me pack. We made the most of it. We attacked the garage today. It was a job that intimidated me. With everything spread out between six shelves it felt like a monumental task. There were several moments where I would feel really good about it because most everything was already packed in a box. All we really had to do was make sure boxes were full before taping them shut.

I’m so glad Heath was able to help me. It took pretty much all day but we got it all done. It was 95 degrees today and we worked in the hot garage all day. But we got it done! Every single one of those shelves has been broken down and plastic wrapped together. Every box has been appropriately filled and stacked. I look at the neat stacks of boxes left over when we were finished and I feel even better about the move. If the whole garage could be reduced to those manageable stacks, we can do this!

It is hard for me to visualize things sometimes, particularly volume. The more we pack things into boxes the more I can see how it will fit on a truck. At first I was discouraged. It took so many boxes to pack books. The space those boxes took up seemed so much more than the space they occupied on the bookshelves. But then we started boxing other things and it was amazing how much stuff could fit in one box.

We got a lot done for our first six days of packing. We are very much looking forward to Sunday’s day of rest. We earned it!