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One of our favorite family traditions is to go to Desert Star Playhouse. The plays are funny, the service is great. It’s just a really fun time all around. This time did not disappoint. We saw Perfect Pitch – Despicable Glee.

The kids sat at a table below us. They loved having a whole table to themselves. We ordered them a pizza to share. Gwen felt very grown up with her caffeine free Diet Coke. She kept asking for it the rest of the weekend as we drove home. She doesn’t understand that it’s definitely a Utah thing to offer caffeine free Diet Coke! In Gwen’s defense, she used to be able to get it at The Habit. For some reason they no longer have it as a beverage option.

We thoroughly enjoyed the play with the villain being a man dressed as a woman. After the play and before the Olio, the villain came out to keep the crowd entertained. That’s the part of the show where they recognize birthdays, anniversaries, out of towners, etc. Our family was mentioned first as coming from out of town.

Dean Reno: Where are you visiting from?
Heath: California Bay Area.
Dean Reno: Which bay? San Diego … San Francisco …
Heath: The San Francisco Bay Area.
Dean Reno: You came all the way from San Francisco to Murray, Utah to see a man in a dress?
Heath: We didn’t have to go that far to see that!

Several tables of people burst out laughing at that comment. The next thing I knew there was a couple standing next to the kids’ table looking up at us. They had been sitting at a table right in front of the stage and recognized us when we were introduced to the crowd. I was so excited to see our friends from the Timpanogas Caves! She was the girl who talked to me while I ate fruit snacks while the kids used the last chance bathrooms. Heath said we must have had the same itinerary!

The guy who played the villain Dean Reno was great. He asked about couples celebrating anniversaries next. The couple celebrating their fifth anniversary was sitting at a table in the very back of the room. “Hey big spender! Five years is the worst table at Desert Star?” The next couple was sitting a little closer but still in the back middle of the room. They were celebrating their 15th. “At 15 years you upgrade tables little bit!”

That evening was so much fun. We did a lot of fun things on our trip. We enjoyed the pool. Gwen was this close to going down the water slide. She would have gone on Friday but the slide hours didn’t work out. It’s only open for a few hours starting at 4 pm. She was really bummed.

On Thursday after our hike we had lunch at a pizza place in Lehi. Maybe it was because it was 3:30 and we were finally having lunch, but that pizza was so good. After pizza we met our friends Abigail and David at their newly built house. They moved from CA to UT last summer. Their house was complete several months ago. It made me miss one, miss them, and two, feel really excited for our new house and neighborhood.

On Friday we played in the pool one last time. We watched Finding Dory at the mall. It was a much different experience than when Heath and I went to that mall for dollar movies as kids. We got Slurpees and drinks at a 7-11 on State Street before heading to Desert Star. Saturday morning we headed off to a hotel in Sparks, NV. We played in the pool there. More like we hung out in the hot tub because the pool was icy cold.

Gwen splashed for a little bit before she did her “I’m making a friend” walk. She walked straight over to the other little girl there. Within seconds they were best friends. How does she do it? Gwen is so funny with how she instantly makes friends wherever she goes. Ron and Margo think that Gwen will be our ambassador when we move. She will get all the doors open for us to meet people! I’m thinking that’s true.

While Gwen and her new friend played, Heath and I talked to the mom. They were on their way back home to Redwood City. Trust Gwen to find another California family spending the night in Sparks who had just returned from vacationing in Yellowstone and the Tetons! We had a lot in common and much to talk about.

Sunday morning we rushed home. The goal was to not stop at all for the four hour drive home. We stopped just across the freeway from home because Parker was bursting. At home I had enough time to shower. We managed to make it to the other ward’s sacrament meeting.

It was a little awkward because our ward members were leaving as we were arriving. They thought we were abandoning them already! The other ward members were confused to see us. One lady thought we were a new family. I think she was disappointed to learn that we are in the other ward but just got home from a road trip.

Cleaning and packing has ruled my life ever since. The next road trip will be to our new home!