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I was planning on writing the Timpanogas Caves story today. I was also planning on only working for a few hours. One thing led to another and before I knew it I had puttered most of the day away.

Most of the books are packed, all the pictures are off the walls. My fingers are sore from scraping vinyl off of mirrors. The laundry is done and the kids helped clean around the house. They are rock stars! We warned them that I would have jobs for them to do every day. Nobody complained but got straight to work.

Gwen had all her assigned jobs finished by 9:00 am! She cleaned her bedroom and a bathroom! By 9:00 am! The kids want so badly to help me pack boxes. We finally relented and allowed Parker to pack a box of toys. I know he still uses those toys but can wait several weeks before seeing them again. Gwen needs to wait on filling boxes.

After dinner Heath bought me more boxes and lots of wrapping film of various kinds. Tomorrow the knickknacks get it.

It is such an exciting adventure to move like this. My favorite blessing is how close we are getting as a family. I love that the kids are old enough to be involved in the whole process. They are a joy to work with. With common goals, I have never seen them so cheerfully engaged in cleaning. Nor have I ever seen them clean so well. Through it all we dream together as a family. “In the new house …” It’s really great.