My mom married her best friend on Wednesday. The wedding announcement arrived on Monday. We were so excited to tear into that envelope. What was this guy’s last name? The announcement provided no answers. Sharon and Steve invited us to join them at their sealing in the Bountiful, Utah Temple.

We got up crazy early Tuesday morning to make the long drive from California to Utah. The goal was to meet Steve that night. Obviously I don’t need to approve of my mother’s fiancé. She’s a big girl and can choose for herself the man she wishes to marry. If she liked him then he must be great. My brother and sister had already met him. My sister seems to have had many visits with him. Izzy refused to call him Grandpa until after he was married to her Grandma! My little family was the last to meet this mystery man who had swept my mom off her feet.

We were making good time on our drive. I took a turn and drove a couple hours through several Nevada counties. Heath readjusted our ETA after my drive. I was feeling pretty good about everything. Heath said he had rested enough and was fine to drive the rest of the way.

Just outside of Elko traffic came to a stop. Both lanes on the freeway were completely stopped. We had no idea what was happening. For one whole hour. Heath got out like many other drivers to stretch and see what he could see. Nothing but a long line of stopped traffic. A good mile or so of cars ahead of us and a growing line of cars behind us.

Across the divide traffic was moving in the opposite direction at normal freeway speeds. As mysteriously as we had stopped, traffic started to slowly creep forward again. Soon we were moving at a reasonable pace. That’s when we saw the car-b-que. A truck had somehow caught fire melting most of the cab, particularly on the driver’s side. No other cars were involved in the incident. All we could do was hope the driver made it out safely because it looked like it was a nasty fire.

The problem with driving to Utah is gaining an hour. So with the time change and the major delay we didn’t get into town until about 9:30. Not before being diverted for a bit because of another accident. It looked like a bad rollover crash. The newscasters said the next morning that the teenage girls were not wearing seatbelts and one of them was in critical condition.

Steve had already left for a friend’s house well before we got to town. My mom had some last minute things to do so she gave us her blessing to just check into the hotel. Looks like the black sheep out of towners would have to meet Steve on his wedding day.

I got up early the next morning to shower. Heath came in to tell me that he just heard a news story of an officer involved shooting in my sister’s city on a street with the same name as the one she lives on with her family. My heart stopped for a moment and finally resumed at a very brisk pace.

Heath texted Candi and Ed to check on them. Ed had confirmed that it happened twenty feet from their front door but his family was okay. Apparently some guy got into a fight at a bar. He shot some guy in the leg then drove to a nearby city. An off duty officer happened to spot the car after the APB was put out on the guy. That’s when things got crazy right in front of my sister’s house at 1:00 am. Ed told the story later and he joked a lot in his telling. That’s what being violently ripped out of a deep sleep will do to a man I guess. So scary! Last we heard, the guy was in critical condition.

My mom said everyone had to be at the temple by 9:45 am for her 10:15 sealing ceremony. We managed to get there a good 15 minutes early. Not early enough to meet Steve. We did meet several of his co-workers who were more of less having a staff meeting in the sealing waiting room! They were all quite nice and of course spoke highly of Steve.


My kids were happy to see their cousins. They kept each other entertained in the temple waiting room while the rest of us went inside. The kids had filled our church bag with the three pads of paper I had bought for this trip, three new mechanical pencils, a couple of Friend magazines, and a seek and find book. Candi had asked if my kids could babysit her kids at the temple. They were so excited to do that. I did feel better when I saw Daphne and Calvin walk into the waiting room. Two more babysitting aged cousins would definitely help keep the little ones happy.

At the appropriate time we were all taken into the sealing room. My mom walked in holding Steve’s hand. After the ceremony we were able to shake his hand and welcome him into the family! We also learned Steve’s last name from the sealer. Finally a full name and a face to go with the name of the man my mom just married.


He seems like a great fit for my mom.


It was the windiest day. I’m happy that with so much wind the pictures still turned out well. This one was taken by one of Steve’s friends so that Heath could be in the picture.

I feel really bad that after the ceremony, I lost our bag. Everyone had gone outside to wait for the happy couple. I put the bag in between a bench and a pillar. Then I promptly forgot about it. It never crossed my mind again until we were nearly at the Salt Lake County Health Office to replace our stolen birth certificates and marriage license.

Gwen was very upset. Heath quickly said that we were not driving back to Bountiful for a church bag of stuff. I knew he was right and I felt that much worse because it was my fault! Gwen tearfully listed the items in the bag. Gratefully it could all easily be replaced. That night we went to Deseret Book and replaced the one book but not the bag because they didn’t have a similar bag. Amazon probably has one. At the end of the trip Gwen excitedly shouted, “I knew the Easter Bunny shopped at Deseret Book!” Heath wonders where he shops for the Jewish kids!

At least we got our birth certificates replaced along with our marriage license. I feel almost whole again after that obnoxious robbery. I still need to get my SS card replaced. The nice security guard said it’s best to do that over the phone because it’s a federal government thing. Over the phone I can skip the line and the long wait. Have I mentioned that the burglars have tried to open three accounts using my info? I have had to update my fraud alert. With the rest of this vital information proving my identity I can now request a longer fraud alert period.


We finished up at the county health office in perfect timing to go to the open house. It was a catered affair in my mom’s backyard. (that she now shares with her new husband) It was quite lovely. The food was good. The cake was beautiful. You would never know that the flowers were such a source of angst!

As soon as any adult female family member walked through the door, Candi was asking if they could help her arrange the flowers on the cake. She was terrified of doing it wrong! My mom can be quite particular. When Steve heard the problem he agreed to do it! My mom naturally wandered in after him and between the two of them the flowers were arranged on the cake while the rest of us daughters and sisters simply watched. That’s my favorite way of helping – watching.

Eventually the party broke up so the happy couple could be on their way. It was a lovely wedding day.