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My grandpa used to talk about learning to love adversity. Learn to love it was always his mantra. I have learned that it is through adversity, trials, or challenges that the greatest blessings come.

We cashed out an investment account to help with the down payment on this house. The check was supposed to arrive by mail. Only it was taking a very long time. There was no mail at all on Saturday and we were starting to get really nervous. Where was all our money? It is hard to be patient in the heat of the moment.

The check arrived in today’s mail. Sigh of relief! Heath kept checking the stock market and could see that we needed that money, and cashed out, at the peak. The very next day the market showed a fast decline. That was lucky. The miracle was that the check was for the full amount. The company did not take their cut. Amazing.

My day started with the news that Heath is free and clear to relocate. My day ended with more check than we were expecting. It has been safely deposited. Every step of this journey continues to be filled with miracles. It’s not easy but the blessings more than compensate for any discomfort.