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I never would have guessed that a post on the challenges of fasting that first Sunday in May would turn into the perfect fasting opportunity by the first Sunday in June. Be careful what you wish for? I never would have ever guessed my family would be counting down the days till Fast Sunday in June. Or that our purpose would go from vague to extremely specific so quickly.

All three kids fasted and all three enjoyed the experience. At one point, Gwen even told me that fasting felt easy. She wasn’t hungry at all. She survived the two consecutive meals without any whining, complaining, or asking for snacks. Proof that Heavenly Father never asks us to do more than we are capable of. Having a purpose to fasting definitely makes it easier.

At first we just wanted to know where the Lord wanted us to live. Here or somewhere else. Then we found that house. The perfect house. The house of my 1950’s dream. Parts of that dream have been in my mind for years. It seems more clear now, with a house I recognize as the centerpiece of the dream. We fasted for the house.

Our prayers were fervent and sincere. The way we all felt was that was our house. We were in love with the schools, the community, the street, and most especially the house. The house we couldn’t even pick colors or finishes for. We loved it. By the time our fast was over we all felt like it was still the right move. Parker had a very eloquent response to the question of how he felt after fasting. He said he still felt like it was right, that he was not afraid to move even knowing parts of it would be scary. He said he had no regrets and he was excited to get the house.

The more we learned as the week went on, the more that house had to be ours. Heath talked to the bishop of the ward we would move to and learned more about the neighborhood. Two member families had recently moved onto that street. One family has a 13 year old boy and an 11 year old boy. For real. Dawn reported seeing little girls running around the day she and Barry looked at the house. This, of course, all contributed more to my dream!

Heath had to fly to San Diego on Sunday afternoon. He packed in a hurry after our last grilled dinner of hamburgers ran late. While he was grilling burgers I was gathering all the metal I could find. The next morning between 6-9 a truck would come by to pick up any metal. The boys helped me move the pile out in front of the garage later that night. The grill was part of the pile. It was a sacrifice for another step of faith we were willing to make.

Before he left, Heath also put in a lead for a mortgage loan officer. She contacted me on Monday. By Tuesday Heath was able to submit everything she needed. I was prepared to meet her in person but she was fine doing everything via email after calling me. Unfortunately this particular bank that employs Heath is notoriously slow. Even more unfortunately it took until Thursday night, after Heath finally arrived home, to learn that she had a family emergency and had given us to another MLO. We never heard from him until after letting him know we were going with the builder’s mortgage people.

Every day that Heath was gone we talked on the phone several times a day. So much was changing so quickly. I welcomed a Primary presidency meeting to pass the time and get my mind off of the what ifs. I also welcomed, with great enthusiasm, a walk with Stephanie. I almost told her what was going on. Instead I basked in lighthearted conversation about nothing in particular. My mind needed the break.

Some days I was so nervous waiting for Heath to call. Everything was real and so scary. I hated that he was so far away. Getting home didn’t calm my nerves. If anything, I was more nervous. That time worry was back in full force. I had dressed up thinking we would swing by the bank to meet the MLO. At that point we didn’t know she had a family emergency. Since she never returned calls or emails we didn’t go.

I kept telling Heath we had to call the builder lady. He called the next morning after we had both freaked out. That pressure to move quickly was intense. I was not losing a house because of someone else’s delayed reaction. It’s a spec home on the perfect lot on the street. How long do you think it would really stick around on the market? I didn’t want to wait and see.

We explained our money situation. Stressfully enough, we are still waiting on a check from an investment. She had to know we still wanted the house and she had to know what was going on. She had a logical solution to all our concerns. We realized we would get better perks with the builder’s MLO than what Heath could get as an employee of the bank. We made that switch. She was willing to work with us on the other issues of not having the full amount of earnest money yet.

It was another miracle. We took the step forward to secure our place in the race for the house and the money worked out. We were pre-approved for a mortgage only a few hours later.

We went to Chili’s for lunch. The miraculous morning made me jittery and anxious even though I had just witnessed God’s loving hand again. More than anything we hoped to see Mike, our favorite server.

I actually don’t like Chili’s. I agreed to go one day when I wasn’t in the mood for anything else and Heath wanted sit down but different from the other places we go. Mike was our server. He is sunshine personified. We love him. He gets us our drinks right away, brings us refills before we’re even halfway finished with the first mug, and fills giant to go cups before we leave. Without us ever asking for to go cups! Diet Coke is the way to this girl’s heart! After several times of this he asked us our names and remembered the next time we went in. Mike is an angel in a Chili’s server’s body.

He is also a faithful Christian. He is always saying things like “God bless!” and “God bless you!” His every interaction is peppered with this kind of remembrance of God. We wanted to ask for his prayers. Of course he and his lovely wife, whom we also like as a server, readily agreed. They were sad we would move but they totally got the faith aspect of all of it. I loved the mini spiritual lesson Mike gave on faith right there in Chili’s. He believes the way that we do. That there is one God and we all believe in Him in one way or another, calling Him by whatever name we know Him as. He loves all of His children and wants the best for each of us.

Talking to Mike and Vicki calmed me down. I knew everything would work out before but finally I was at peace. I picked up the kids from school and told a bunch of teachers we were leaving. I had worked hard to zero out the lunch accounts, not sure if we could get a refund. They have one shiny quarter left. Good enough!

By the time Gwen and I went to the glam camping activity, our offer on the house had been accepted. Finally it was official. As of yesterday, the house is now listed as sold. It has been a whirlwind of a week. From seeing the house on Zillow to actually being the ones who will occupy it first.

Things keep moving. We are quite nervous that something may derail the whole project. I may have failed to mention that we are moving on the assumption that Heath can stay with his current job. This was a plan of ours when he accepted this position a few years ago. We didn’t realize it would happen so soon. With no response from other potential employers, this was our only chance to leave. We knew it was time to leave. We felt the house was right. This was going to happen.

We can’t get full loan approval until they receive a letter from Heath’s superiors saying it is fine for him to relocate. It’s been a long weekend of waiting for that approval. It is unlikely this part will go south but you never know. So keep praying! And the whole mortgage can fall through. Anything can happen. The doubt-faith-miracle cycle continues.