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Mornings can be hard. Some people can’t get going without their morning cup of coffee. Some people need a good run to get going. Others need a good burst of adrenaline.

The best way to get the adrenal glands to gush their secret sauce, while also increasing the heart rate, is to scare the living daylights out of yourself. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Such as

  • running in front of traffic.
  • setting your alarm to sound like a baby barfing.
  • setting off your home security system.

Any of those options will pop your eyes open faster than a caffeine pill mixed with a caffeinated beverage.

The running option could work. I don’t run so it seems like a lot of effort to get to a speeding car. I would be winded before I hit the end of the driveway. With no adrenaline to supplement my racing heart, I would collapse in a chair and go back to sleep.

Someone could come to my house and drive straight at me, stopping just before impact. That seems like too much to ask of anyone early in the morning. They need their wake up call too.

The baby barfing alarm maybe would work. I don’t have babies anymore and my kids don’t sleep in my bed. It would only be a matter of time before I got used to the sound.

Based on the above examples, the home security system is the best bet for me. So I tried it. In a sleepy stupor, I stumbled past the security control panel. I looked right at the red house icon indicating the alarm was armed and ready for action. Then I walked from the red light straight into the kitchen to open a window.

There was half a second when all was well with the world. The birds were singing in the trees. The bees were buzzing in the flowers. All was calm and quiet. For half a second.

On the other side of that half second was chaos.

The rest of my family rushed together at the sound of the most terrifyingly loud and high pitched squeal of a siren. Even Gavin, who suffers from teenage morning apathy, shot straight out of bed! Heath came rushing down the stairs asking what happened.

I raced to the control panel yelling out apologies as I tried to type in the code. The alarm was so distracting I hit a wrong number to begin with. Adrenaline was pumping through my body causing my fingers to shake and my frontal lobe to nearly shut down from the stress. I learned that on Sunday in the Managing Stress class.

Somehow I was able to type in the correct code and stop the blaring siren. By the way, an open window produces a much scarier alarm sound than an open door. Much more alarming.

Wide eyed with my guts thoroughly drenched in adrenaline, I walked back into the kitchen ready to play it off as no big deal. I meant to do that! (yeah right) My phone starts lighting up like a laser light show with text messages and emails from Vivint.

Then a friendly Vivint voice comes through the control panel asking if everything was alright. Heath answered all her questions and bless his heart, he never ratted me out as the blithering oaf that I was in that moment of sleepy misjudgment.

“We just wanted to cool the house down and forgot the alarm was set!”

Crisis averted. The whole family was wide awake and ready to hit the ground running. Isn’t that the whole point? Who needs caffeine in the morning when you can make such a silly mistake instead?

As fun as that was I think I will post notes all over the house:

Anything that has a sensor on it WILL set off the alarm!