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Field trip day came with soaring temperatures. Gwen went to school early which meant she would be released early. Melting pavement was forecast for the day. I decided to take Gwen to the library instead of the park while we waited for Parker to be done for the day.

I thought I had returned all the Galileo books I checked out for Gavin. A reminder notice stated otherwise. Apparently there were still two books out. Gavin had them in his backpack thinking they were school library books. There is a really good chance that I returned school books to the public library. Gavin said the school library has been closed, probably because the librarian was on her honeymoon. I felt much less concerned after that announcement. The books will get sorted out in the end.

Mr. HVAC was scheduled to tune up our system today. Good thing since tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. Melting pavement today, while tomorrow will resemble the surface of the sun. Unfortunately, I don’t think his fixes were permanent. For no reason, the inside temps suddenly spiked to 79. The vents seemed to be blowing out warm air. He should be on his way back.

I got a phone call from the school nurse saying that she had Parker in the office. She assured me he was fine but he had experienced dizziness and faintness on the walking field trip to the middle school. He was sipping water and claimed he felt well enough to finish out the day. He was probably dehydrated.

When I picked him up from school he filled me in on the details. He walked the mile or so to the middle school just fine. Shortly before it was time to walk back he started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. A parent drove him back to the elementary school and deposited him in the sick room with the nurse. He has had a splitting headache ever since.

Dead-Man-Walking.jpgPoor Dead Man Walking Parker!

The other day Heath and I ran some errands with Gwen. We left the boys home to play video games. Parker spent the entire time putting together his deflated self in an effort to scare us! It backfired since we came in with armloads of groceries and never bothered to look in the family room. Gavin kept saying that we weren’t scared. We saw the guy on the floor and I had to laugh. Parker is so creative and funny.

He wanted to use shorts and a t-shirt but the guy looked weird with short limbs. The head and upper torso is the rescue breathing dummy Gavin got from his health class. He added a pink paper tongue. The rest of the body is made up of Parker’s clothes and the gloves he wore for Halloween as Scott Sterling, soccer sensation.

When I was waiting for Gwen to be come out, I saw the kids go inside from recess. So weird that the kids get a recess just before the early kids are released for the day! Anyway, I saw Gwen’s class go inside. There was a girl that looked very much like Gwen wearing a big hat. It’s not her birthday. I couldn’t figure out what the paper hat was for. She seemed to be the only child with one on. A couple minutes later the kids poured out of the front gates. Sure enough, Gwen was the one wearing the strange paper hat.


“Hi, I’m Gwen Stefroggy!”

That girl is too funny. She had a paper bag full of goodies from her field trip to the high school for the Science Extravaganza. The frog hat was labeled tree frog with her name. It did not say Gwen Stefroggy, just Gwen. She told me that the frog on her head would catch all the flies and bugs buzzing around her head. Anything lower and she could catch it on her tongue!

She also had a pipe cleaner bracelet with solar pony beads that change color in the heat and sunlight. She kept looking at her wrist saying that the colors were intense enough that it must be a hot day! They also gave her slime, which is some substance the same consistency as silly putty.

The Science Extravaganza is a fun field trip. This is her third time participating. First was when she was 4 but looked enough like a first grader that no one noticed. I was called last minute to drive first grade Parker to the field trip when they were short drivers. Gwen also went last year as a first grader and again today as a second grader.


This is Flat Gwenny.

Gwen’s class made paper versions of themselves to sit at their desks for the Open House. I think Gavin did the same thing but I really don’t remember it. I just remember the life size outline of him that he painted when he was in the summer preschool program. I was holding baby Gwen one day and showed her Paper Gavin on the wall. She freaked out. Shaking, screaming, crying, the works.

Flat Gwenny (think Flat Stanley) is pretty cute. I love the hair detail. Gwen says Mrs. O helped her with the hair. Side ponytails are exactly how she looks on almost a daily basis. Pink shirts are a staple as well.

One more week of school. Parker may have landed himself in the nurses office again due to the high heat. Although I’m sure that by next week when the 5th graders have their pool day it will be cloudy and cold. That’s kind of how the end of the year goes. The weather rarely cooperates with the various activities.