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The Father’s Day cards are finished! I think they look really cool. This project was much simpler than the Mother’s Day cards I helped make. I hope it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings that I just went ahead and made all 64 cards after designing them. It didn’t seem to need a group effort.

Originally we were going to do Super Dad tags on cards like the Super Mom tags. The presidency really wanted to do something with Pop Rocks. It would be too complicated and confusing to have two themes so we went with the Pop Rocks. I’m glad because I had a better design idea for Pop Rocks.

We learned some things with the Mother’s Day cards. Asking children to fill in blanks about their mom was more taxing than expected. Teachers of our youngest, non-writers had to fill out the cards themselves which was time consuming. Most of the prompts went straight over the little ones’ heads. Even the older kids (*cough* my 10 year old) said it was too hard for them to be creative.

Armed with that knowledge, I set out to make a much simpler card for the dads. Inside the card it says, “Pop, you rock because …” in a curvy, bubbly font that resembles the font used on the candy packaging. That’s it.

I forgot to make sure Heath put in a “Love ______” for the kids to sign their names. I found it funny how many kids put their names on the top right corner of the Mother’s Day cards as if it was a school assignment!

The kids are free to write one or more things about why their dads rock. The non-writers can draw a picture in all the blank space. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The outside of the card included many blams. This is the term Heath and I used for the stretched star shapes. It was a brainstormed idea from the presidency meeting so I went with it. We didn’t know what to call it in the meeting. Pictures were drawn of the idea! Cricut didn’t seem to have any blams. There was one as a conversation bubble but I didn’t like it because it was a conversation bubble. I didn’t know how else to search for what I wanted.

Like I said before, Cricut may boast their thousands of images but they never have anything I actually like. That’s why I have an amazing husband who knows how to make what I want in Adobe Illustrator. Then he uploads the image to my Cricut account so I can cut it out easily.

Three blams make up the exciting front of the card. One large one to go behind the pop rocks, one is cut as a shadow of the third blam with “MY” cut out of the center. I glued them so the star points were maximized between the two blams.

Oh happy day, there were no paper crumbs to have to painstakingly remove from the Cricut mats and save to glue in the center of the letters! I was able to make cards while the Cricut was busy cutting the next batch of blams.

The blams were cut from metallic cardstock and it looks super cool. The cards are colorful and fun. They were also simple enough to make it won’t hurt my feelings one bit when they are tossed straight into the trash after the candy has been savagely ripped off! Let’s face it, most of the moms probably saved their cards. I doubt if more than a handful of the Father’s Day cards survive beyond the inside of the church building.

I just hope the dads eat the candy because experience has proven the kids pilfer that stuff.
Sticky fingers and saccharin smiles – Happy Father’s Day!