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Our city library always has a summer reading program. My kids have enjoyed participating in it every year. There are several booths set up around the children’s section of the library. This is where the signup sheets are and the program is explained. These booths are typically manned by middle school aged kids.

I asked Parker if he wanted to volunteer. He was very excited about the opportunity. Gavin never wanted to and that’s fine. Parker even brought home a flyer about it. Before that I was prepared to talk to a librarian friend we have in the ward. The flyer gave me all the information I needed to sign him up online.

He will go to a training session and be ready to go. I printed two copies of the contract so I can remember the responsibilities regarding not showing up. I imagine that Parker can inform the trainer of the days he won’t be available due to family vacations.

He is so excited and I’m so excited for him. It will be a really fun way for him to spend a few hours a week this summer. Not in front of video games or even in the pool. Parker has become more of a reader lately which is fun to see. It is recommended that volunteers bring a book to read during the slow times. With easy access to the librarians and other kids his age, he will probably find more books he’s interested in.