I started taking Gavin to school in the mornings. The bus is unreliable in the morning and it would be good practice for next year all while saving me $2 a day. Since I’m already out it only adds an extra five minutes to my first commute to school.

Today was the third day I was able to drop off Gwen at the same time as the boys. It’s very nice being able to drop off all three kids at the same time. Everyone goes to school at the same time on Wacky Wednesdays. Last Thursday was a minimum day. Gwen and Parker got out of school at 12:40. Friday was a regular day. So random!

Today Gwen’s class was leaving at 8:45 for a field trip. It’s a well loved field trip to Round Table Pizza to learn about business. Next Thursday she goes early again for a field trip to one of the local high schools for a Science Extravaganza. Dropping her off early for these field trips means she gets out at 2:15. That part isn’t my favorite but at least the weather is nice enough we can play at the park until Parker’s day is finished.

Gavin’s track party is today. It’s a little strange that he got the rest of the week off after the Meet of Champions and then stays for his final track practice today. Maybe they wanted to be sure the parents had time to wash the uniforms before turning them back in today. The Awards Banquet is on Wednesday. Gavin chose to go to the temple with the youth over the banquet. I thought it was a good choice.

Parker’s mandatory science fair project is due this week. He has dragged his feet through this whole process. Heath and I wished he would either do it or plain old decide to rebel. Instead he has done the bare minimum so I guess I have to help him decorate the poster that cost me $4. These posters used to be free and the science fair used to not be a mandatory requirement.

Gwen has her rocket launch soon. I remember when Gavin did the rocket launch with the same teacher. I remember sending him to school with a Diet Coke bottle or a water bottle. Gwen saved a nice 20 oz. Diet Coke bottle until she realized she needed a 2 liter soda bottle. So we had root beer floats.

Then she told me she needed to take the bottle to school by this Thursday so she could display it for Back to School Night. I was fine with that. I was kind of wondering why the bottle was still sitting on the counter. On Friday she came home with a birthday hat and put it on the bottle. Then she told me not to throw away the hat because she needed it for the rocket launch.

That’s when she produced a sheet of instructions on how to “decorate” the bottle for the rocket launch. We have to put fins on the bottle with stiff cardboard and attach the party hat on top of the bottle. I don’t know when Gwen was given these instructions but it’s just one more thing on top of the list of things to do.

Can I pull my kids out of school now?

Gavin has a major report on Galileo due soon. Parker had his Walk Thru the Revolution “field trip” on Friday. He has been practicing his part as Patrick Henry for weeks. I asked him if he needed to wear a costume since Gavin had to dress up. Although Gavin dressed up for the 5th grade musical. Parker’s 5th grade musical was the DARE graduation back in December. Weird. I don’t think Gavin dressed up for the Walk Thru the Revolution. He didn’t have a speaking part either. Parker told me over and over that costumes were provided.


The night before, I kid you not, he informs me he needs a prop and a costume. Apparently all the costumes were taken. All my energy is going into not screaming and not pulling my kids out of school early because I hate all the projects at the end of the year! Instead I cooked the edges of a piece of paper that he rolled up to look like a scroll. He wore his Sunday clothes with Gavin’s tube socks over his pants. He also wore the pirate hat Grandma made a million years ago when Gavin was Captain Feathersword for Halloween.

Parker forgot he had PE on Friday so he had to run around in his finest. Last week Gwen wore her pajamas to school for a class party. She brought her gym shoes since it was a PE day. She forgot the shoes in the classroom instead of taking them to PE. It’s like I told her to just wear them but she insisted on wearing the slip on flats that look like slippers!

The scroll I painstakingly cooked on the stove top was accidently left at home. Luckily Gwen starts school 45 minutes after Parker does. She took the scroll with her to school and Parker picked it up in the office shortly before he was due to perform in the library. Then he forgot it at school at the end of the day! Elusive piece of paper.

Every day I get a million evites for one activity or another. And I’m hit up for cash on a regular basis. As I signed the permission slip for Parker to go on a walking field trip to the middle school to meet his pen pal, I saw that the teacher suggested the kids bring a gift for the pen pal! No more! I finally recycled the paper for the 5th grade celebration that includes the contradictory words donation and 2nd Notice! Even though I filled out a permission slip for Parker to attend the after school 5th grade celebration I still got an evite for the event.

Really, can I pull my kids out of school yet?

I still haven’t made the Father’s Day cards for Primary. I also need to whip out some homemade birthday cards for Primary workers. My Cricut will be busy cutting out cards and science fair project titles.

Rather than tackle my to do list I have been visiting with friends, going to lunch with friends, going on walks around the park with friends, going on romantic lunch dates with Heath. On Friday we were the last transaction at a sandwich café before the power went out. Customers were being turned away at the door. We were told we could take our time eating while the lady on her laptop in the booth behind us was asked to leave.


The boys went to dinner and a movie with their dad while Gwen and I had a girls night at home. She made a paper fire and we ate S’mores Oreo cookies while watching a movie. She had a whole list of activities for us to do and she checked them off one by one. It was a fun evening.

When the kids don’t want to get up in the morning or do homework after school, it’s hard to care. I don’t want to do those things either. I just want to play. Three more weeks …