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Heath and I returned from a walk yesterday and found the kids doing this. They were writing stories. We spent the next 45 minutes listening to their stories and seeing the illustrations. It made me long for summer.

It’s another pool day today. Gwen and Parker were fine with doing their homework first and playing with Gavin after his track practice was over. I couldn’t let them do that. I told them it was now or never on the pool for the day. So they suited up. Gavin wouldn’t be able to play with them anyway. It’s too late to play in the pool at 5:00 on a school day when Gavin has homework too.

I can’t wait for summer. Sleeping in, pool days every day, reading stories every afternoon, journal entries in the summer journals, road trips, and family reunions. *sigh* I can’t wait.

For now we have another month of school projects, speeches, presentations, science fair project boards that need to be decorated, and end of year parties. It’s all fun but I really long for summer.