Last Saturday and the BYU Fan Fest feels like it was a hundred years ago. It has been a busy week and my mind is thoroughly exhausted. I haven’t slept for two nights in a row! I love my intensity but hate it at night when I can’t stop thinking.

So many crazy things are happening around here that my mind is going a mile a minute. I have to remind myself to set up the Primary room for tomorrow. In the midst of all the craziness was a small back to earth moment.

Gavin showed me his essay that’s due on Monday. He’s getting better with the grammatical errors. With less of those things to focus on I can stay engaged with his topic. His essay was on the classic novella The Pearl. Not a story I am familiar with.

I learned that it’s a rags to riches story with the moral that money doesn’t buy happiness. In fact, it causes people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. That was Gavin’s point. That the money changed the man for the worse.

He built on his point with citations from movies and articles. He started talking about a story called The Lottery. It reminded me that we had recently watched Waking Ned Devine. I asked him if he talked about that in his essay. He got really excited because he didn’t think about it and he didn’t like the paragraph about The Lottery.

The paragraph about The Lottery really didn’t fit what he was trying to say. Waking Ned Devine was a better fit. Gavin thinks I’m a genius for reminding him of the movie. My mom points went up.

The swirling world slowed for a minute as I remembered that my kids still have a month left of school. If we can all focus on that maybe some of the other uncertainties will iron themselves out. Or at least I will have more time to obsess over them!