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Another frustrating meet today. This is the last meet before The Meet of Champions. I thought Tuesday’s meet would factor into who could participate in the final meet. It sounds like today was more critical. And Gavin missed his first race.

Anger does not begin to describe my emotions. He was late because his 8th period teacher wouldn’t let him go. When he told me that I asked who it was. He told me her name. It’s a teacher I already am not impressed with. I declared my hatred for her in front of God and everybody. Then with shaky fingers I typed a searing email on my phone.

She forwarded the email to the vice principal. All they could do was apologize. Really, what else am I expecting? The excuses they gave just fuel my fire. I am not happy. So very unhappy.

The teacher says that she didn’t know there was an event today. Normally she gets an email letting her know to release certain students early. Her teacher training told her that she cannot release students early without that email. Three or four students in that class needed to leave early to get to the meet on time. Why would three or four students lie? Why would three or four students decide to leave class less than 30 minutes early?

In her defense, she called the front office to find out what was going on. She claims they didn’t know anything about it! Then I got an email from the vice principal apologizing. He said they were understaffed today and didn’t send out the email the teacher was looking for. Oh because that solves the problem! That makes it all better! What kind of crappy excuse is that? Understaffed … seriously?

He also said that Gavin was checked out ten minutes after he should have been and therefore should not have been late to the meet. Well he was! That is another ridiculous excuse. When I wrote an angry response to him I told him that he has no control of the traffic and cannot say with any authority what time Gavin should have arrived. We have been exchanging many angry emails over the situation. It’s getting ridiculous. My last response was that he needs to own the problem and stop trying to blame the driver. He wants me to give him a name so he can further his investigation. Give me a break. The school screwed up. Can we move on please.

Gavin basically left his school at the same time we left the elementary school. We arrived just as the meet was beginning. At the same time Gavin arrived and was heading to the locker room to change into his uniform. You know, while the boys’ mile was being run. Without Gavin.

Coach Erika stood on the track and screamed up to me in the stands. “Where is Gavin?” I tried to yell back that he was changing but I don’t think she heard me or understood. She looked peeved though. It was shortly after that that Gavin came out and told me what happened. I have been seething ever since.

I don’t know what will happen with The Meet of Champions. Gavin did run the 800 today. He sat silently next to me sipping his Gatorade not knowing what else to do while he waited for the only race he was participating in. When I calmed down enough I told him to use his anger as extra energy for the 800. When he got up to wait with his teammates I told him to leave his guts on the track.


As he came around the first lap I cheered him on. The second lap I was screaming. “Come on Gavin! This is it! Keep going! PUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT!” Bless his heart he passed two runners.

I’m still mad. Don’t mess with Mother Bear! But good heavens the vice principal is really stomping on my last nerve. It is time to move on. In the end, Gavin’s determination and love of running is all that matters. No one can take that from him.