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only makes us stronger!


Gavin ran in his second track meet of the 2016 season. He did well especially considering he wasn’t feeling well.

Monday night we wondered if he was experiencing seasonal allergies for the first time in his life or if he was coming down with a cold. We gave him Nyquil knock off and sent him to bed. The next morning I gave him Dayquil knock off and sent him off to school.

He felt much better after a full night’s sleep. I was impressed that he said he was running no matter what. He mentioned some of his favorite athletes and said they played when they weren’t feeling great so Gavin was determined to do the same.


When he ran the mile he held a good position for the first two laps. He slowed down a little after that and several kids passed him. I don’t remember how many of his teammates finished before him. If he was the third or fourth kid from his team he can run in the Meet of Champions next week. I want to say he was the second but I could be wrong. Guess I’ll have to wait for the email from Coach Erika.

He was hoping to run the 800 as well. It was dependent on how he felt. After the mile he said he didn’t want to race again. I was hoping he would run again but I had to appreciate that he wasn’t feeling his best.

Believe me, I could definitely sympathize. That was the most miserable track meet I have ever been to. I sneezed for over four hours, well aware of my weakened pelvic floor! My nose itched so much it stung. Even with soft tissues my nose was raw by the time we got home. My throat itched, my tongue itched. Even my teeth felt like they itched! So miserable.

A mom had caught Heath before the meet began. She said that the yearbook needed pictures. Heath wasn’t going to worry about getting any extra pictures. Just Gavin and our friends from church. His sense of responsibility is commendable but I was suddenly a photography widow again. Drowning in my own snot as I sat in the dirt and weeds next to a dirt track.

For some dumb reason I thought the meet would end at 5:00. Maybe because the “Fun Meet” aka the joke meet canceled races because it was 5:00. Yesterday’s meet went past 7:00 pm. I was starting to question the whole team spirit thing when Gavin said he wanted to run the 800.


I thanked him because it gave me a reason to be there despite my misery.


I do enjoy watching Gavin run because it is very inspiring. Runners fill my soul. I am in awe of anyone willing to put their bodies through that much pain and anguish because it fills their soul too.


The girl on the left is Kate. Her family moved into our ward a little less than a year ago. She was having trouble adjusting and finding her place here. Track has helped immensely.

I have to brag about our track team. Coach Erika is a glorified volunteer but she runs the whole show. She insists on unity and team spirit. Families are expected to support their athletes and to stay until the bitter end of every meet.

As I sat there among parents representing the myriad of schools at the meet, I realized that the other teams don’t have as much team spirit. The parents were only there to cheer on their child and then go home. It was the Joe Blow show as far as they were concerned. Who are these other people? Who cares?

Heath told me we could pack up early since my allergies were threatening to kill me. The last 4×400 ended right as we gathered the last of our gear. I wanted out of there so badly but at the same time I was glad I stuck it out. For Kate and for any other student like her. Our middle school has the best team because we understand the meaning of the word team.


Running won’t kill anyone. It will only make you stronger. When the going gets tough there is a whole team cheering you on. That is worth all the hay fever in the world.