Me: Use it (acne medication) appropriately.
Gavin: I’m not going to get high off of it if that’s what you think.
Me: I would hope not! Not sure that’s even possible.
Heath: Nothing like inhaling benzoyl peroxide!
Gavin: Well we did buy it at the drug store!

Me: What are we doing …
Heath: For lunch?
Me: Um … no. I just said an imaginary conversation out loud! I was going to text a question but when I walked upstairs I saw you and those are the words that came out!

You can imagine how hard we laughed over that one. I’m telling you, even I say silly things. Six foot pot!

Gwen: I’m not a candidate for Lasik, I’m a Californianate.
Me: What do you think candidate means?
Gwen: Like the person running for President?

Gavin: If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you bring?
Me: Diet Coke … an unlimited supply! Sunscreen, and my Kindle.
Gavin: You sound prepared!
Parker: No she doesn’t! That’s all you’re going to take?
Me: Forever on a deserted island in the sun? Hello heaven!
Parker: What about clothes? You aren’t going to take any clothes!
Me: I said sunscreen. I can keep the bits that shouldn’t see the sun from getting sunburned! Besides that, no one else would be there. What would I need clothes for? No one will see me!
Gavin: Well Dad would be there too.
Parker: Actually, he might like that!

I love my family!