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May the 4th has become a bit of a holiday. Who would have ever thought that the phrase, “May the 4th be with you!” would turn into the planning that has gone on in my home.

Gavin wore his Storm Trooper shirt. Parker wore his how to draw Darth Vader shirt. He expected Heath to wear his World’s Greatest Dad shirt that shows Darth Vader making eggs and bacon for Luke and Leia. Unfortunately Heath had already worn the shirt and it was in the laundry.

Gwen was a little upset. She didn’t have a Star Wars shirt and we wouldn’t let her wear the paper sign she made last night. It says I heart Star Wars. She used masking tape to stick it to her shirt. We told her she could only tape it to her homework folder!

The wheels in her mind never stop turning. First she wanted to wear one of Heath’s shirts as a dress! We told her no. She had to dress up for this so called holiday. The school had not called for “costumes.” The newscasters were only saying the phrase, “May the 4th be with you.”

No one was making a big deal out of this day but Gwen. I love that girl! She decided I should do her hair in some sort of Star Wars style.


She went as Rey in an Olaf shirt. Rey has messy hair right? I just know this style is not going to last beyond first recess. Gwen assures me that Rey has messy hair because “she’s an actionist” (and then she kicked her leg out)!

As we neared the school Gwen started naming her friends. So and so could wear her hair like Rey … etc. I told her not to be surprised if the kids at school just looked normal. Gwen loves to dress up festively for every occasion.


This is what she wore on Spirit Day when the kids were supposed to dress from their favorite decade. This happened while Heath and I were in Hawaii. Grandma reported that Gwen thought her life was ruined because she didn’t have anything to wear. Grandma made a paper flower headband. Gwen wore the purple costume dress I made, some beads, and her hair was left down.

The boots were a nice touch. She went to put her boots on this morning but asked me for some glue. The bottom of one has separated. Heath came down to say the boots would be a perfect addition today. I had to tell him they were dead. We had a moment of silence. They were great boots and very well loved. To death.

Happy May the 4th!