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It has been a fun and busy weekend.

Last night Heath and I went on a hot double date. I was so nervous! We went out with a couple from church that we really respect and admire. Mike is very down to earth, blunt, and doesn’t often filter what he says. I have always loved that about him! Unlike me, he is really nice!

Chris and I were paired up as visiting teaching companions nearly two years ago, right after my dad passed away. She has been through her own loss and I thought she would be the perfect empathizer. Obviously I didn’t pick her brain the way I wanted to. I wanted to get to know her first.

Even though we haven’t really talked about our experiences I feel a strength just sitting next to her. I know what she has been through and I see who she is now. It’s almost better than what I expected to get out of the pairing. We have gotten to know each other through visits with our sisters. I have learned we have a lot in common.

Last night we met up at our favorite Mexican restaurant and talked for hours. It was really fun. Meanwhile the kids hung out at home. I love that they are old enough to do that. We just have to feed them and lock them in with Safety Sal standing guard. They entertain themselves.

This morning Gavin got up early to volunteer with Special Olympics. He followed a group who participated in track and field. I thought he was helping with volleyball. I was pretty excited for him that they did track and field since that’s his bread and butter! He got a t-shirt that I know he will wear often and proudly.

When I picked him up he said he had a lot of fun. He thinks we should do it as a family next year. Although he said maybe we should only help out half the day since he thinks it would be too long for Gwen. She will be 9 next year. I think she is capable of cheering on people with special needs for a full day. We’ll see. We will talk to Ken M. and see what his suggestions are for our family.

Around here the kids need community service hours as part of their school curriculum. I don’t think it’s mandatory this year. It was last year and I know it will be in high school. Anyway, this counts towards school as well as scout merit badges. He did it for scouts. His track coach also encouraged the team to volunteer.

A couple weeks ago Gavin was able to attend a town hall meeting. It fulfilled a requirement in scouts. That was a cool experience for him. The debate was whether or not a Costco should be built here. It was interesting to see what the other scouts had to say after hearing both sides of the argument.

I still vote for yes. Convenience, tax revenue for the city, and did I mention convenience? Traffic is the number one argument against it. That argument doesn’t do anything for me. The location shouldn’t affect traffic. They will need to widen the street but most streets around here are three lanes in each direction as it is. With fields of weeds on both sides of the street it shouldn’t be a problem.

Plus, I go back to what the school district has done to traffic. No buses equal more traffic. Staggering the start times in elementary school by saying it will help literacy (by cutting the lower grades’ day by 45 minutes) only perpetuates the traffic headache and doesn’t increase literacy! Get some stupid buses and a significant portion of weekday traffic will disappear. Letting Costco build here will not affect traffic nearly as badly as what the school district has already done. It’s only one street that needs to be widened. All that is over there is other businesses anyway! Come on people! At any rate, Gavin has had some cool experiences lately for scouting.

While he was gone we bought a new pool. It is hello huge! Our yard will not be able to accommodate anything bigger so this one better meet our needs! It’s 9 feet by 18 feet and about 4 feet deep. I think we can all play in it together. We have increased our pool size as the kids have outgrown each one. It’s crazy to remember a million years ago when I would fill a yellow rubber raft and let them splash in it!

Gavin is as tall as me. Or at least he was a month ago when I took him in for a sports checkup. I knew our 12 foot round pool was no longer going to be enough space for me to sunbathe in while the kids splashed around me. When Heath got in to hang out with me he would kick the kids out. I didn’t want to have to have pool shifts this summer.

It has been an all day project. The instructions say it takes 30 minutes to set up. A full afternoon and evening later we finally finished! For now anyway. That thing is monstrous. I hope we can winterize it because I have no idea where we would store it. Parker says there are only five more weeks till summer vacation. I think it’s more like six. Even then, I cannot wait!