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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Kids are busy at school and church making (or being less involved) gifts for their moms.

As a Primary Presidency we discussed some ideas. A phone was passed around the table with an idea from this website. We thought it looked cute and easy. I was immediately put in charge of making a tag or label of some kind that says Super Mom.

The super hero idea really inspired us because we have a scripture hero come in to our Primary every month. That idea came from the scripture heroes The Friend magazine features each month.

Someone had printed a couple papers they found with fill in the blank statements about super hero moms or super hero dads. I was also tasked with rewriting the statements so there were a more manageable number on the page and they could fit in the paper sacks. We agreed on which six statements we wanted and off I went to my trusty computer.

I find it funny how much we misunderstood the creative idea we all agreed on. That’s what happens when a phone is held across the table Vanna White style, I guess. When I saw the link I was a little concerned. It was nothing like what we had discussed and I wondered how I was supposed to make the cards.

There has been much discussion, including after my example was shown to half of the Primary kids on Sunday. We finally settled on the design and glued everything together. Thankfully someone else volunteered to punch holes and tie the cards together with ribbon. I’m feeling maxed out on it all at this point.




So, if you think it’s cute and you are interested in making something similar, here is a piquant tutorial.

Supplies needed:

  1. Significant amounts of diet cola, chocolate and/or other caffeine delivery device, maybe even an IV would be in order – basically anything that will help keep your spirits up as this is a time consuming and frustrating project!
  2. Patience. When that fails, you need the ability to walk away. You may also need the wherewithal to know when to scream or growl at the inanimate objects you are working with and when to surrender to the peaceful lull of your television until the next day.
  3. About a week to complete the project. It took me three days to cut and assemble 72 tags alone. (we have over 60 kids in our Primary) Then it took 2.5 hours to have a presidency meeting and assemble the bags with three other women. I’m just trying to be completely honest. This took a lot of time!
  4. An amazingly tech savvy husband who can not only format the statements to fit two sets to a page, but one who can design and upload the tag image so your Cricut will cut it out. Cricut boasts thousands of images but did not have a Super Mom image that looked cool. They had a Super Dad image that my husband based his design off of. Go figure.
  5. Scrapbook paper in various colors (I made tags in six different color coordinated patterns)
  6. Large paper lunch sacks (the kind we used are about 6″ wide by about 12″ tall)
  7. A Cricut machine and printer
  8. Several glue sticks for paper piecing the tags (trust me, it takes an extreme amount of glue to paper piece)
  9. Better glue for the inserts and if you choose to glue the tag on the front of the bag (we learned that glue sticks had virtually no adhesion to the paper bags)
  10. Children to fill in funny or endearing phrases.

Some of my favorites I read today:

  • She can run to the bathroom faster than anyone.
  • My mom’s super power is changing my diaper while I sleep. (3 year old Sunbeam)
  • My mom is strong like my dad.
  • My mom is strong like a mom. (It goes without saying, moms are strong!)
  • I like it when she is in an argument with my dad because I can do whatever I want!
  • She is the best fashion choice in the world.
  • My mom is strong like super strong. (Another Sunbeam who had more physical expression than words for this one. He held his arms out as wide as he could and said she was strong like that. Then he put his arms behind him and said, “No, strong like this!” It was the cutest thing I had ever seen.)


The fabulous responses make dealing with piles of paper crumbs (see above) worthwhile. Gluing the middle of the p and e was a chore. Those are tiny pieces that will scatter if breathed on wrong or if a sneeze occurs in the general vicinity.

In the end the moms are going to love these cards. I can’t wait to see what my little darlings said about me. I wonder if either of them said I can rub off the letters from a keyboard faster than anyone.

By the way, if you have actually read this entire post and are all excited about this adorable project, I can hook you up. I can send you the tag image and the statement file. Simply Kierste offers printable versions of her stuff at the end of her post.

I’m not that inclined to include it in this post. Shoot me an email if you want something. But for heavens sake, if not for mine, please oh please read the disclaimer on my contact the author page. I get so tired of people emailing me obnoxious requests. Happy crafting! My Diet Coke is calling me …