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Activity Girls is scrawled on the calendar today. Gwen wrote so big it takes up the entire square. She loves Activity Days, the girl equivalent to Cub Scouts.

The last time she went she told me she wanted to do the snack. When I picked her up she was carrying an oversized classic metal lunch box. Apparently she had volunteered to do the snack. One of her leaders came rushing out to explain to me how the snacks work.


She also told me that the numbers on the lunch bucket were not accurate. There are 21 girls in her group. The groups will only continue to grow. The Primary class that is turning 8 this year and beginning Cub Scouts and Activity Days has 10 kids. There used to be 11 but one family moved. The numbers are similar in the other ward. Activity Days has two groups – ages 8/9 and ages 10/11.

I love that Gwen wanted to volunteer. She is always looking to brighten someone else’s day like that. But with 21 girls on a volunteer system, I figured Gwen’s turn shouldn’t come up again for a while. I told her she couldn’t volunteer again until she was in third grade. Too selfish? I’m just trying to spread the love.


I feel like I am providing snacks for an entire school classroom.


I’m sure that once upon a time the water bottles and two snacks could all fit in the lunch pail. Gwen could barely fit the freeze dried fruit inside.

I don’t mind the rule that the snacks have to be healthy. I do think the moms who cut up fresh fruit for 21 girls are a little crazy. I’m not that nice! They get pre-packaged freeze dried fruit from Costco, individually wrapped string cheese, and a tepid mini water bottle. I don’t have room in my fridge to chill them all.

Bon appetite!