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The first track meet of the 2016 season has been dubbed the Fun Meet. This school hosted the first track meet of the 2015 season and it was total mayhem. Nobody we know liked that meet last year. We were not looking forward to it this year. Although I have to say, while I agree it would be nice to opt out of this meet, you are part of a team! Suck it up and go to the meet! If nothing else, it’s good practice.

I think “Fun Meet” is the coaches way of saying that this is not your typical track meet. First of all, this school doesn’t even have a regulation sized track. Gavin ran the 900 instead of the 800 or 1600. He was supposed to run a 600 but it was canceled “in the interest of time.” It was 5:00 already. There are a lot of made up races and activities at this meet. Hence the name Fun Meet.

Last year there was no organization at this meet. It was our first time at any sort of competition with our baby 6th grader. It would have been nice to know what to expect, or better yet, what in the hey howdy way was going on! This year’s meet was much better. Coach Erika sent out several emails about this meet with some heads up info. People seemed to cluster a little better too. It looked a lot less like ants milling around a sticky lollipop.


Runners take your mark …


Now pose for the ladies! You look like GQ models! And off you go!


Gavin did pretty well. He said he was nervous. To me he looked like he was running in slow motion while everyone else was normal speed. It was the first meet. He’ll find his stride and get faster.

Later he told his dad that it’s not fair to have to run in gym the same day as a meet. I agree. The gym teacher should have known better, especially since that’s the class Gavin left 15 minutes early to carpool over to the meet. At the same time, Gavin should hold back a little in gym. Don’t go all out on a meet day.

I do love hearing Gavin brag every day about how his gym class loves him because he’s so fast. He’s a big fish in a little sea in that class. There is only one other kid who can beat him and I think he’s an 8th grader. It’s such a boost to Gavin’s confidence to have everyone expect him to run fast. They also wanted him on their flag football teams because he can run.

I also love hearing about his practices every day when I pick him up. He has so much fun running. He loves the trail runs they do every Tuesday. He’s part of the distance team Coach Erika heads up. I’m not sure why she sectioned these kids off from the rest but Gavin sure loves it. He can focus on improving his speed and endurance while the rest of the team focuses on sprinting.

Next week his school is hosting the meet. I don’t know that they have ever hosted a meet so hopefully it all works out as planned. The biggest question mark is getting enough parent volunteers. We’ll see.