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I have always been fascinated by advertising. People think I’m weird but I do enjoy a good TV commercial now and then. Have you seen the new Taylor Swift commercial?

We have TiVo’d backwards several times to watch this commercial again and again. I just watched it a couple times on YouTube before embedding it here. It’s still funny. That Taylor Swift is a funny girl.

Some commercials are weird. Well, the commercials are fine it’s the product that is stupid. For example:

My question is why would there be a color last choice on the washing machine? Is there ever a time when you wouldn’t choose that feature for your laundry? Different cycles like a delicate cycle I get. But color last? No, I want my delicates to fade. I also find it odd that my dryer has a jeans setting but not my washing machine. Huh. Maybe my washer is under the impression that people still stonewash their jeans in the river. Not for the popular faded color but to actually get them clean!

This Prius commercial really concerns me though.

Most Prius drivers are already arrogant and think they own the road. What, we need to encourage them to drive recklessly? Actually forget about the brand of car. We need to encourage anyone to lead police on a high speed chase? Scary.

Items in the grocery store have also been getting my attention lately.


Seriously? I mean really, there are no words!

Boxed water huh? Perhaps the stupidest marketing ploy I have ever seen! It looks like a milk carton which makes me think of milk. Which makes me wonder why it’s not refrigerated. Then I remember it is just water. You know, the stuff that comes out of your tap that you pay a quarterly bill to have at your beck and call? All you have to do is turn on the faucet and this amazing clear liquid comes out automatically!


It’s the taste of the sink – warm. kinda filtered. free.


Oh wait, it is refrigerated!

Did you know you can buy milk cartons that are not refrigerated? True story. It freaks me out so I don’t buy it for my kids. What kind of fake milk comes in a carton off the shelf? I know people who do buy it for their kids. These are über healthy people too. They don’t believe in any myriad of acronyms that are supposedly inherently evil when it comes to food.

They also think chips are bad but veggie chips are good because it’s vegetables! Veggie straws may include spinach, carrots, and other “healthy” vegetables but they are still chips. They still have the same amount of carbs as regular potato chips and they are emulsified with potato flakes. I am not making this up! Spend some time reading a veggie straw bag before getting all Sheena, Queen of the Earth on the rest of us. It’s the same thing, I promise.

Boxed water, plastic water bottles, or non-refrigerated milk, my kids drink juice pouches for lunch. I get the stuff that is 100% juice, not the stuff that is fruit flavored sugar water. See, I can be healthy too.


The packaging confuses me though. Given that I don’t sell the juice, I don’t see why it matters how I open the box. At least they were polite and said please.

The other day Heath and I were grocery shopping and saw the best product placement.


Somebody was on top of their game when they put a Dove ad in the middle of the monthly lady supplies.

I think there was something subliminal about that Dove ad though. We ended up buying fruit pies. Nobody needs a fruit pie! My blood sugar was low so it was a tasty indulgence I felt less guilty about.