This week you only get one perfect day. Perfect weather, no responsibilities. What do you do?


We went to a splash pad with a friend.

It’s so sad that Spring Break is nearly over. The days have flown by because we were having so much fun.

Wednesday was our perfect day. Wally Weatherman granted the entire Bay Area summer like temperatures. Only for one day.

I thought of my friend/visiting teaching companion, Chris. She had her granddaughter in town for the week. One thing they wanted to do was go to the beach. Wednesday was the perfect beach day. Highs were in the 80’s along the coast. Inland temperatures reached the low 90’s.

Parker and Paul had planned on a Star Wars movie playdate to watch The Force is Still Waking Up. *wink* Our copy was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday so they planned on watching it on Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon Paul called to find out what time to come over the next day.

I told him my new plan of postponing the movie till Thursday. Since Wednesday would be such a nice day I wanted to go to the park. I invited Paul to come with us and told him I would email his mom the details. The next morning Paul came over to play with us. I hoped against hope the water would be turned on. That morning I had the sinking thought that maybe the water wouldn’t be turned on till after Memorial Day.

What luck! We saw kids playing in the water as soon as we arrived. There is no shade at this park. I was counting on that. I found a nice grassy spot behind a bench. That way the beach bag could stay under the bench in the shade. I laid out my towel and lounged for the next couple hours soaking up the sun. It was heavenly.

The kids spent more time playing on the playground than they did playing in the water. This park is still a novelty. Gwen loves the zip line and lovingly calls the park the Zippy Line Playground. The playground area is pretty awesome and much bigger than the playgrounds in our town. Paul had never been to this park before.

It didn’t matter to me where the kids played. They’re old enough I don’t have to follow them around. I did feel a little like the creepy lady laying out at the park with no kids though. My four ducklings ran around the playground while I loitered near the splash pad full of moms and babysitters with mostly toddlers and preschoolers! Whatever though. I got some nice sun and read lots of Conference talks on my phone.

Paul’s family didn’t have any vacation plans for Spring Break. We were the highlight of his week. He was certainly the highlight of Parker’s week. Those two had a lot of fun together.

Thursday’s temperatures dropped 20 degrees across most of the Bay Area. Inland temps only dropped 10 degrees. We got our eyes checked at Costco in the morning. Paul came over that afternoon for candy and a movie. I would have let him stay and play longer but his mom came to take him to his track practice.

Today it’s cloudy and humid. We have windows and doors open to naturally cool the house. Sprinkles come and go. The next several days will be like this with highs in the low to mid 60’s. I’m sure glad we took advantage of our one day. It was perfect!