Elsa married Ken and they live in Hawaii. They are helping Anna get through college. And they have lots of garden parties with their new patio furniture.

Finally I got it done! Gwen helped a lot and really enjoyed it. Last night we stayed up late stitching plastic canvas. Heath took the boys with him to the last basketball games of the season. Since it was Spring Break and the stake all but empties out for any school holiday, there were some forfeited games.

In fact, our ward won the championship because of a forfeit. They had only lost one game all season. The ward they lost to also only lost one game all season. They were scheduled to play each other last night to determine the championship winners. The other ward had one guy show up. One guy! One of our players texted a bunch of the other team’s players taunting them for their unfortunate forfeit! Most of the men didn’t remember there was a game scheduled because it’s Spring Break! Oh well. Too bad. It’s been on the calendar this way all along. Too bad those guys couldn’t pay attention.

Gwen had fun stitching until about 9:00 when she was starting to get tired. I sent her to bed and finished the second chair. Today all we had left was the sofa. It was the biggest pain in my neck. I finished it.

There are some mistakes so if you come over don’t scrutinize my work. Heath says that Barbie bought her furniture at Big Lots! You know, because it’s nice but not perfect, therefore affordable. But hey, after all these years I made something out of plastic canvas! Gwen is thrilled which makes me happy. It was all worthwhile.