The story goes that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump out. But if you put a frog into a pot of water and slowly turn up the heat it will boil to death.

The moral of the story is that sometimes things change so slowly you might not notice until it’s too late.

I finally went through with something today that I have been seriously thinking about for years. Four years ago I posted about the slow outcrop of silvery gray hair I kept discovering. At the time I didn’t think I needed to do anything about it. Four years later I was ready to pull the trigger but people kept telling me not to do it.

Just before our trip to Hawaii I had my hair trimmed. At that appointment I asked my hairdresser a million questions about coloring my hair. We both agreed that it could wait until after my vacation. She was excited that I was ready to take the plunge. My mom was not. When she heard what I was planning she all but begged me not to do it. Heath’s parents wisely acted like flies on the wall watching the whole exchange without once chiming in an opinion.

The other day I ran into my neighbor at the park. She immediately asked me if I had gone darker. I told her I would go darker in a few days. Of course she thought I was crazy. I tipped my head down to show her the clump of gray around the crown of my head. To be nice she told me she couldn’t even see anything.

While I appreciate all the compliments, it was a done deal. The appointment was set and no one was going to change my mind! It wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I was hoping to make it through my 30’s without doing this. It was time.

I could have gone in any color direction I wanted. A friend’s mom paid to gradually go from brunette to blonde as she aged. Heath suggested I get red highlights. I just didn’t want to do anything that would elicit the phrase, “I love your hair color!” I wanted to look as natural as possible. My hairdresser said that red is pretty high maintenance and it gets brassy quickly. I told her to definitely not do that then.

She matched my hair color as best she could. I’m a 6 according to her color swatches. We talked while she painted my thick fine hair. She styled her hair for the day while I played Wordament under the heat lamps for 30 minutes. Then she washed my hair. It looked pretty much how it looks every day straight out of the shower. Minus the white pieces on top and in front.

As she blow dried my hair I was so impressed with the color. It looks like me only more saturated. I hadn’t even realized how washed out my hair looked before. My hairdresser said I didn’t have mousy hair but it was on its way. I’m not sure what mousy brown hair actually is. I just know people, my hairdresser included, who describe their hair that way and color it.

All I know is my hair was starting to look dull and sad. I would find more gray every day and it wouldn’t blend in easily anymore. My vanity got the best of me and I was starting to get a complex about it all. I have no regrets whatsoever with coloring my hair. Supposedly my skin looks brighter now that my hair color is more saturated. Add that to the list of benefits. I wanted to wait until there were more pros than cons to coloring my hair. I think I managed to get it done at the right time.

The kids played video games while I was gone. Then the boys watched TV while I took Gwen to Target. I don’t have the heart to make the kids clean like I wanted to do today. Playing outside and at the park seemed much more important than clean bathrooms. The bathrooms will still be there tomorrow.

My hairdresser suggested sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Gwen had saved enough money to buy the Anna doll she has been wanting. Our neighbors had also given her a Target gift card when she was baptized. We haven’t been able to redeem it yet. Today was the day. Gwen was happy to come with me to pick up new hair care products. Now Anna and Elsa are cruising around in the Barbie Mini Cooper.

I thought I would feel like a failure for coloring my hair before I turned 40. I don’t. I feel great. Unfortunately I don’t have before and after photos. It was General Conference this weekend so my hair was not a priority on Saturday and showering wasn’t a priority yesterday! Just trust me. I look fabulous!