Two nights in a row were obnoxiously loud. What in the world was going on up there? They were either moving furniture or dragging nails across a chalkboard. It was a horrendous scraping sound.

They had to have been moving furniture. It was the only logical explanation. It just didn’t make sense. The hotel room was large but it was mostly carpeted. What could they have been moving to make that groan of a dying cat sound?

A friend had told me that everything was lovely about her stay at the Turtle Bay Resort … except the noisy neighbors. She told me they were loud late into the night. They finally called the front desk to complain.

I didn’t give her story a second thought. Now I was living it!

Every night we left the sliding glass doors slightly open that led out to the patio. The ocean was supposed to lull us to sleep. The crashing waves were loud and fairly rhythmic but it didn’t induce sleep for me. The fan from the air conditioner was also rock concert loud. Those two noisy nights we had the fan running constantly. Neither the ocean nor the fan provided the white noise I needed to just sleep. Now the upstairs neighbors were thumping and scraping like a construction crew.

We left the TV on hoping it would help. We would snooze for short bursts until another whining scrape upstairs woke us. Finally in the wee hours of the morning Heath called the front desk. A few minutes later all was quiet above us. More restful sleep fell upon us.

Two nights in a row.

I never did figure out what was happening up there. My only guess is they had ten or more people in a room with one king size bed and a couch behind a partial wall. They had to have been using the patio furniture. Although the lanai wasn’t that big. There was a couch with a small table on one side and two chairs with a footrest on the other. Even if someone moved every single piece of furniture by pushing and shoving and all out dragging it across the tiled floor, it wouldn’t take hours to accomplish.

The last morning we had upstairs neighbors, I woke with a start.

My eyes must have naturally opened momentarily as I turned over. Movement caught my attention so I opened my eyes all the way. Then my heart thumped. Was someone actually falling through the rails? Was it a suicide attempt? Or plain old stupidity? It looked like a foot would pull up to safety then thrust back down again.

I put my glasses on to see it was not a foot, or a person, but the decorative blanket from the end of the bed.

It was flapping in the breeze.

And I was wide awake.