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Gwen: Oh my goodness! I saw him again! I can’t believe I always see Tyler!
Heath: Are you infatuated with a boy and now you see him everywhere?
Gwen: No!
Heath: Are you in love? Do you have a crush?
Gwen: No! But he loves Ruthika.
Me: That’s so cute!
Gwen: He even asked her on a coloring date.
Me: What’s a coloring date?
Gwen: It’s where you color together.

So that’s how second graders do things now. I was in love in second grade. He gave me hair clips for Christmas and held my hand at recess.

Gwen: That’s terrible!
Me: What’s wrong now?
Gwen: I just saw my friend!
Me: That’s usually what I say when I see my friends. That’s so terrible that I saw my friend!
Gwen: I can’t believe I saw two people from my class! One of them I like …
The rest of us: Oh! Tyler?
Gwen: No! Macey! I like Macey!
The rest of us: Sure you do!

Tee hee hee! Gwen may be in love. I better be checking her sock drawer for notes. After second grade I stopped having elementary school boyfriends. There was one boy I had a crush on. Stupidly I wrote my undying love for him on a piece of paper and stuffed it in my sock drawer. It was something eloquent like “I love Jared!” My parents found it and I never heard the end of it!

I should also be on the lookout for art projects with Tyler’s name on it. Coloring dates. That is truly adorable.