Suddenly before my eyes
Hues of indigo arise
With them how my spirit sighs
Paint the sky with stars

Only night will ever know
Why the heavens never show
All the dreams there are to know
Paint the sky with stars


Who has paced the midnight sky?
So a spirit has to fly
As the heavens seem so far
Now who will paint the midnight star?


Night has brought to those who sleep
Only dreams they cannot keep
I have legends in the deep
Paint the sky with stars


Place a name upon the night
One to set your heart alight
And to make the darkness bright
Paint the sky with stars.

These are early morning pictures where stars can still be seen in the inky blue skies.


We didn’t get any sunset pictures but the sunrise pictures are amazing. Twinkling stars dim surrendering the stage to the sun.


Sunrise fanfare bathes the sky in golden light


slowly rising above the treetops.


Silhouettes whisper in the breeze. The only people we see are romantic beach walkers like us, a couple joggers, and other photographers.


The crashing waves even seem hushed in the quiet reverence of the morning.


It’s an hour not usually seen. Why would anyone wake up early to hit the gym when this is what the outside world looks like? Fresh air has to be more refreshing for the lungs than stagnant gym air. I rode the elevator down with a man. The doors opened and he headed to the gym while I went outside.


I think I won.


The last rosy embers smolder into ashen colored clouds. We sit on lounge chairs pointed at the curling waves and just soak in the tranquility of another morning in Paradise.