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When we arrived on Monday it was hot. Obviously we weren’t used to the heat. I welcomed it anyway. Any time I felt like the heat was oppressive I told myself I just needed to get to the hotel to change into a pair of shorts. Heath had dressed for his destination while I dressed for the conditions I left from. It wasn’t even quite 50 degrees by the time we got to the Oakland airport. I was quite happy in my jeans and jacket.

The car rental lady told us Hawaii was experiencing unseasonably cold temperatures. No big deal to us since the lower temperatures were much warmer than home. Grandma and Grandpa were a little bummed that their babysitting vacation included cold rain all week. We were in the 70’s just before my mom arrived. By the time Heath’s parents made it, the rains came. It’s not much of a vacation when you leave rainy Seattle behind for rainy California.

My mom was second guessing herself for taking the train and then flying home. When the train went through Donner’s summit the ground was bone dry. She flew home on Sunday when the mountain passes of California received two feet of snow. My mom felt better about her travel decisions when we texted her that news.

Hawaii was hot, which I expected and wanted, but also humid. We’re talking so much humidity that you could almost touch the air. I could feel it in my lungs and it was hard to breathe. Something else the car rental lady told us was that Hawaii was experiencing vog. Vog is volcano fog. The air was hazy, thick, and really hard on anyone with breathing problems. I don’t have asthma but I was feeling it. She said that the forecasted winds and rain would clean up the air.

Unfortunately the wind won’t subside until tomorrow or Saturday. We go home on Saturday. The sun has peeked in and out of the clouds all day. There are moments when it feels downright cold. It’s not a little breeze outside. Palm trees are bowing to Mother Earth over and over all day long. I have worn my hair in a ponytail every dang day since we got here out of necessity, not convenience.

Different people have different ways of enjoying a vacation. Some people get up early and play all day going from activity to activity. Others sleep late and take it easy. Some enjoy spending their vacation poolside while others spend their time in spas followed by high end shopping. I like to spend time in the sun. My favorite souvenir being a nice bronze tan.

It seems that yesterday was my one and only day to check off my number one bucket list item. The activities have been great and with the finicky weather it has been extra nice to have other things to do. I just needed a moment to recharge. I hadn’t even donned either of my new bathing suits. Or really used my dollar sunglasses!

I really enjoyed lounging on a patio sofa shoved up against the rail of the lanai to maximize the rapidly closing gap of sunshine. It’s amazing how rejuvenating that was. I just needed my dose of vitamin D and all was good. Today we went back to the Polynesian Cultural Center to visit some of the attractions we missed the first time around. The second visit is free for two weeks following the first visit to the PCC. We picked today.

The sun came and went. We had fun and found fun souvenirs for the kids. As we were leaving we could feel sprinkles again. By the time we got to the cover at the front of the hotel the rain came splattered down in fat raindrops while the winds whipped mist from the sides. Apparently plugging in to the sun for a quick recharge by the pool or at the nearby beach was no longer an option. *sigh*

I don’t want to whine and complain. I’m in Hawaii after all. It’s been fabulous. I just am kind of sad. There was only one thing I wanted to do on this trip – nothing! Lots of nothing while scantily clad in lycra spandex under the heat of the sun’s rays. While the weather is fundamentally the same at least it’s warmer than home.

The hotel called to give us a gift in honor of our anniversary. Heath was told it would be breakfast vouchers. I was all excited for free breakfast at one of the seven on site restaurants. When we got to the front desk they gave us free cocktail vouchers for the bar. We just smiled and said mahalo. Maybe now is the perfect time to ask the bartender if we could substitute Diet Coke instead. Then sit and sip it at the bar like we’re some of the beautiful people. It’s the witching hour with not much else to do.