The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity.

Friday was a minimum day for the kids. Gavin had his diversity day which meant he did not need to take a backpack to school. He had to go early to get his mile in for Mile March Madness. Heath took him before he had to go back to the sleep clinic again.

Grandma W came over early so she could see how I drop off the kids in the morning. Grandma and Grandpa are taking care of the kids next week while Heath and I relax in Hawaii. Morning drop offs are a bit of a nightmare. There is a very real chance Grandma will be in the district office by the end of the week to complain in person about the lunacy of the staggered school schedule!

Once the kids came home, the boys hung out with Grandpa while Heath finished working for the day. All of us girls went to the Scrapbook Expo. We got there sometime around 2:00, maybe sooner. We stayed until they practically kicked us out when they were done for the day at 6:00.

Grandma C was planning on a homemade Chinese meal. By the time we got home the men were ravenous and the women were tired. We had takeout barbecue for dinner and it was perfect.

The Scrapbook Expo was a lot of fun. Gwen was a little spoiled. Okay, she was a lot bit spoiled. I bought her stuff to build up her scrapbooking supplies. Grandma W bought fun things to do this next week. Gwen wrote a rough draft of her baptism day. Then she wrote it nicely in her journal. When she was finished Grandma helped her color two stamps for the bottom of the page. It looks awesome!

Gwen and Grandma W went to several different make and take stations. Gwen was in heaven. She wanted to make a flower at one booth but we learned that it was a demonstration and not a make and take. The girl did a fabulous job of demonstrating how to build a really cool flower. When she was finished she gave it to Gwen.

The best part about the make and take stations was that Gwen was allowed to do everything herself. Grandma W does not have the control issues I have. My mom and I would wander off shopping somewhere else while they crafted. We went to our own jewelry make and take station that Gwen went to later.

Gwen is very talented for her age and is fearless. If it’s a craft she’s in. Just show her what to do and she’s all over it. So she had a lot of fun creating and learning. The people running the stations loved watching Gwen get so involved. One lady even let Gwen run the die cut machine.

By the end of the day, Gwen had three cards that she made herself, a necklace that she made herself, stamped art, and lots of scrapbook supplies. She had so much fun. I loved watching her have so much fun. I enjoyed shopping as well. We all are attracted to different craft and scrapbook techniques so we all found something to tickle our fancy.

I bought paper because I have a problem. Hi, I’m Tristan and I’m addicted to scrapbook paper that I love to buy but am always afraid to use!

It was a great day.