The Barenaked Ladies sing that everything will be all right when we go shopping. Well, if it’s good enough for the Barenaked Ladies then it’s good enough for me.

My mom commented today that all we have done so far is go shopping. It doesn’t bother me, I hope it doesn’t bother her. We went to JoAnn’s where my mom bought stuff for a project. She is working on a family tree for her family room. Hanging from the tree will be thumbprints of her family members. Tonight my family will make our mark for her and we’ll bake it.

We went home in time to go to Mr. Pickles with Heath. It’s always so delicious! Heath had conference calls the rest of the afternoon so we went to Home Depot to get some extra keys made. The guys helping us taught us that Hello Kitty started out as a girl and not a cat. She has no mouth because it was back when women were not as empowered to speak. Over time the cartoon changed to having whiskers and cat ears.

That certainly explains the controversy. Some people insist that Hello Kitty is a girl and not a cat. I don’t know about you, but where I come from whiskers and pointed ears on top of the head equals cat. It was an interesting piece of trivia that I learned today while having keys made at the Home Depot. Despite the Hello Kitty history lesson, I was still not interested in paying extra for fancy keys. The plain ones work for me.

Then we went to Smart and Final. My mom has been asking to go there since she found out we have one in our neighborhood. Apparently her brother took her there once when she visited and she has been mildly obsessed ever since. She bought ingredients for a Chinese themed meal for tomorrow night. She claims Smart and Final has been the highlight of her trip so far. I love it!

She was a little perplexed that she couldn’t buy a single carrot. There were large bags of baby carrots and bags of full size carrots large enough to feed a small army. No single carrots. So we had to go to our regular grocery store. To my surprise, they do sell carrots one at a time. I have never had a need for only one carrot so I typically buy lots at once in a convenient resealable bag.

By then our shopping was done. My mom made me learn how to use the scrapbooking equipment she gave me for my birthday. It did not escape her attention that I had not even yet opened the package. It’s like I haven’t had much interest in crafting lately. And tomorrow we’re going to a scrapbooking expo!

I have a tendency to buy stuff and look at it for a while. Eventually I forget about it. I certainly don’t like using it, particularly my paper. I have issues. I can’t use the paper. What if I might need it for something? You know, like a craft. But every time those crafting opportunities come up I don’t want to use my paper because I might need it later. It’s a ridiculous cycle.

At any rate, she would not let me nod and smile. I had to sit there and learn how to make a paper bag out of scrapbook paper. It turned out very cute and yes I’m glad I learned. It taxed my brain because I’m not a visual thinker and there was too much visualization involved. But I did it. Mostly for the Diet Coke Heath promised me I could have if I would just let my mom teach me already! We all have our incentives.

The kids made rice Krispy treats with my mom. Then they talked her into going to the park with them again. I told her she could say no. Parker pulled out the big eyes and in his most innocent voice said, “But you’re so fun!” Flattery gets you everywhere with grandparents.

Heath’s parents are on their way finally. They have a story to tell. The transmission went out as soon as they got on the freeway. It was a rental car, Jeep, with only 1,200 miles on it. They called the rental car company who had to rescue them. Crazy stuff.

They will have to commiserate with my mom. She had a bad experience getting off the train in Oakland and not understanding how to get to the airport to rent her car. She called Heath’s cell phone but he was on another call and I was not the voice she wanted to hear. Finally he was able to explain how to get on BART and get to the airport. She got her car, that looks like a windup toy I am not kidding, and she went straight to her hotel room. She was much happier the next day. Facials erased any residual stress.

We’ll have a low key evening and play more tomorrow!