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Like most little girls, Gwen loves Frozen. When my mom asked what Gwen might want for her birthday I told her that Gwen wanted a Frozen Barbie doll. Gwen has been saving her money for an Anna doll. So my mom sent an Elsa doll. She texted that Elsa was at the post office. I texted back: Let it go! She laughed.

Of course Gwen loves the Elsa Barbie doll. She is looking forward to the day she has enough money for Anna.

When we learned that Disney on Ice was coming to town and doing a Frozen show, we had to get tickets. I remember going to Disney on Ice as a teenager. I remember that they did Toy Story. That’s about all I remember except for the alien cup I got as a souvenir. There was a lid on top so my mom kept joking that you’re supposed to close the lid to keep your cereal warm. The little girls we went with thought that was hilarious. Heath says he went to see Disney on Ice as a kid too. That’s all he remembers. We hope our kids remember more.

I mentioned in the last post that we spent the night in a hotel. Heath found a deal on a Double Tree. The cost of the room included a free breakfast. Since the cost of the room wasn’t too much more than we would spend on breakfast at our favorite bagel shop, we decided it was worth the full staycation experience. Plus, we wouldn’t be rushed in the morning if we woke up in a hotel ten minutes away from the venue.

While Heath was checking in and getting five chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (holy cow those were so yummy!) from the front desk, this say what took place.

Me: We need to keep practicing your braiding. It’s an important skill.
Parker: Why is it so important?
Gwen: Because when you’re a Boy Scout, or a man scout, you learn how to do 16 piece braids for ropes and stuff.
Parker: Well, I’m not going to be that kind of man.

Our room had two queen size beds and supposedly a pullout bed of some sort. All we saw was a chair that Gavin determined was comfortable enough he wanted to sleep there. We kept asking if he wanted us to call down to the front desk and ask for the extra bed. He kept insisting he didn’t want it. We tried to convince him to at least sleep on the floor with the extra bedding.

He sat in the chair randomly kicking the plastic bag the blankets were in. The sound was annoying so we took everything out and moved the bag. By morning I saw him unnaturally curled up in the chair. No pillow, no blanket. I should have taken a picture but I didn’t. He was stiff and sore all day. Partly because he ran nearly four miles in gym class (no joke) and partly because he was a weirdo and slept in the chair when we advised him not to!

With Gavin’s claim to the chair, the other two were going to have to sleep in the same bed.

Heath: Looks like you’re with Gwen tonight.
Parker: I don’t want to practice for when I’m older!

In Parker’s defense, Gwen is not a fun bed companion. She wiggles way too much. She was so excited that she was in and out of bed all night long alternating between getting drinks and expelling them. Heath was convinced she never slept. I woke up a couple times and saw with my own eyes that she did sleep however briefly. Five people in the same room does make for a long night though.

The breakfast buffet was awesome. Think free continental breakfast with please wait to be seated signs and servers who refill your juice cup every couple minutes. There was a variety of food choices and it was all quite yummy. Our server kept insisting we go back and get more. She wanted us to have plenty of energy for the show.

The show started with this cute girl encouraging us to get up and move. Disney characters joined in the fun. I was grateful for the opportunity to get up and work off some of my big breakfast by learning how to do the snowman dance. The boys even got involved without any encouragement from us. They had smiles on their faces too because it was fun!

Heath scored us some fantastic seats. We were three rows up from the ice. So awesome! We told the kids not to expect any souvenirs. Heath sounded very authoritative that I almost believed him. Somehow I knew we would do it anyway. We got everyone situated before the show started and hiked back up all those millions of steps to check out the souvenirs sans kids. If I had to “shop” with the kids, they really would not have gotten anything.

At the very top was a little girl between the ages of 4 and 6. She was eating a rainbow snow cone out of an Olaf head cup. Like the alien cup I had, the top of the head opens up. Heath feigned surprise as he said, “You’re eating Olaf’s brains?” The row of adults with the girl busted out laughing. One lady could not stop laughing. The girl looked confused then concerned. With wide eyes she very slowly closed the lid. She did smile a little so we knew she wasn’t traumatized. Heath told her he was kidding and told the family to enjoy the show. The ones who could regain enough composure waved and wished us a good show as well.

We perused the souvenir stand closest to our door. They had some fun stuff. We decided on a Love Expert troll plushy. They had a couple different light up wands. Heath picked one that looks almost like a large microphone. When you push the button a heart inside swirls the beads around and a light comes on. I was looking around at all the little girls with their large snowflake wands that lit up in different colors. Gwen’s wand was that much more special because I did not see another girl with the same one. Hers was completely unique.

Oh and we bought a program printed with gold. I just assume that based on price. Actually, I’m glad because it has beautiful pictures. Huge, clear, glossy pictures of Frozen scenes perfect for scrapbooking.

Once the exercise commercial was over several more Disney characters came out. Parker saw the Finding Nemo fish and said, “Well, they tried.” Yeah the fish were kind of weird. Ariel is Gwen’s favorite Disney princess. I thought it was kismet that she skated most in front of us. There were these boxes in a few “corners” of the ice rink where characters stood on top for effect. Ariel and Eric stood on the box right in front of us. Gwen was upset that Ariel wore pants. I tried to explain that she can’t ice skate if her fins were stuck together. She was still not impressed.

Parker loves Donald Duck. It took a while for Donald to even come out and join the festivities. Then Heath struggled to get a good shot of Donald. Parker was satisfied. He wasn’t so sure about having to watch this show. We tried to reassure him that he would have fun. Being able to hold our new pet, Tim the Love Expert, was the first good thing that happened. Then Donald came out. Parker wanted nothing more than to see someone fall. When Prince Hans fell Parker freaked out! “Yeah! Best show ever!” And he was all smiles after that.

I love this picture the best. All three kids were genuinely enjoying the show. After intermission I traded seats with Gwen. I was sitting between Gavin and Parker. They were fun to sit between. We had fun conversations about what was going on.

I love seeing how stories are portrayed. I loved the original animation of the Frozen movie. We have also seen it as a play, a sing along, and now as an ice show. The snow was my favorite. There were snow machines that shot out snow from the contraption in the middle of the ceiling. I also liked how they used fireworks to show Elsa’s powers. She would dramatically gesture and a yellow explosion would briefly burst somewhere nearby. We were so close to the ice we could feel the heat from some of those explosions.

Elsa’s ice castle was perfect. It was just a small bridge with stairs on either side. Simple and effective.

This is my other favorite picture. Heath was snapping away hoping something would be in focus and worth using later. He also got a lot of video. I will learn how to work with the video later. Anyway, he got this picture during Elsa’s famous Let it Go song. He was so impressed he said he should drop the camera and be done. He would never get anything as perfect again. I agree. It’s magazine quality.

The way they portrayed different characters and parts of the story was interesting. Anytime Olaf came apart, he skated behind stage and a remote controlled bottom piece came out. The love experts were stacked on top of each other. Or rather, each ice dancer had a troll head in the middle of their body. Sven was cool too. Baby Sven was an ice dancer leaning over so their hands were his front legs. That’s also how Pumba from The Lion King was. Regular Sven was two ice dancers. I love the difference in the front and back legs. The ice monster inflated and wheeled around remotely.

It was a wonderful show. We all had the best time. It was a great birthday experience and the best weekend.