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This is a familiar expression. Gwen has worn it for days now. We have had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday. We like to take up to a month to really celebrate any given occasion in our house. The crazed excitement has not waned at all. She opened her presents last night but was wide eyed and bushy tailed again this morning.

As if we haven’t done enough for this girl, we bought her a box of Frozen themed cereal. I tried really hard to hide it in the cupboard yesterday. Parker saw it but didn’t say anything. He thought it was fruit snacks anyway. I put the box on the table this morning and Gwen’s jaw dropped when she saw it. I love it!

Her class sang to her with extra cha cha’s. She wore a star sticker announcing to the world it was her happy birthday. Her teacher gave her a happy birthday certificate, a crayon eraser, and a pencil (both pink). And she got to do her hobby speech on her birthday. Gwen was super excited about that. She shared her love of scrapbooking in her speech. Her scrapbook was her prop.

Gwen could not wait for 8:03 am. That was when she would officially turn 8 years old! Parker and I paid attention to the clock on the way to school. When we saw 8:03 we wished Gwen a happy birthday even though she was watching TV at home. Heath decided to work from home today. I was so glad because Gavin’s bus was a little late and I ended up taking him to school. Heath agreed to take Gwen so I could shower and try to get back on track for my hair appointment this morning. I barely made it in time.

Back to the birthday girl. We had a wonderful birthday weekend with Olive Garden for dinner, and an overnight stay in a hotel. Downtown San Jose was having fireworks for the Chinese New Year celebration. Gwen was convinced the fireworks were in honor of her birthday! She watched the firework show on the balcony with her dad. On Saturday we enjoyed Disney on Ice – Frozen. It was a fabulous show and we all had a lot of fun.

On Sunday she was spotlighted in Primary. All the kids get spotlighted for their birthday. I collect three facts from the parents about the child that makes them special and put it in the agenda. The person conducting shares the facts and presents the birthday bag. Gwen got a Wacky Pack. It’s a small balloon that you punch. There is a chemical reaction that makes it inflate. You tie a ribbon to it and enjoy. She also got stickers and some candy. Of course the Primary sang to her as well.

That night after dinner we decided to let her open her presents. I will put the videos together in a later post. She got a beautiful homemade dress with a matching bow, and a homemade scripture bag to rival anything Deseret Book sells! Her name is embroidered on it too. She got a letter G that pictures can be clipped to. She got an Elsa Barbie doll that comes with a nightgown. Gwen slept with her. She also got a journal. Of course earlier this month she got a new set of scriptures.

Gwen chose to have croissant sandwiches for her birthday dinner.

Afterwards we had cake.

For some reason Gwen was jumping up the stairs. She would jump from step to step. She looked at me and said, “It’s kind of tiring being 8!” Well yes, if you’re going to bounce through the day it can be. It’s been fun celebrating so much, but I’m getting tired! I will post more pictures and videos later. Happy birthday my silly girl.