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The last two days have gone by fast. Yesterday Parker played video games in the morning while I got ready and worked on Primary stuff. Then we went to a movie. I told him we could go to the movie theater.

It would have been fun to take Gavin to the theater when he stayed home for Outdoor Ed but there was no time. I’m impressed we did anything fun given the time restraints we were under. Take Gwen to school at 8:00 am, Parker at 9:00, pick up Gwen at 11:30, then Parker at 3:00. Gavin sure got the shaft that week!

Parker wanted to watch the new Star Wars movie again. I put up a fight making him think it would be a miracle for me to take him. It was a little anticlimactic when I told him we would see that movie. There isn’t anything good in the theaters right now. Star Wars was pretty much our only option. He was still excited and kept assuring me I would like it.

The movie started at 11:40 which is kind of an awkward time. We didn’t have lunch yesterday. I decided we would get popcorn. It was Parker’s special week and it seemed like a fun thing to do. Movie theaters really take advantage of their patrons. The tickets were expensive enough. The girl told me I had enough points on my card I could get an upgrade at the concession stands. Her mic kept cutting out but I think she said I could get popcorn. I told her I wanted that.

Inside I presented my card and the guy told me I could get one of the tiny bags for free. Since I chose to get two of the bigger bags, that are much larger than they appear, I got a whole dollar off! Parker was convinced he could make his bag last. But there was some addictive chemical in the butter. We were in the theater ten minutes before the movie was scheduled to start so we munched away. I was proud of how slowly we did so.

The movie was better than I expected. At one point it was so exciting I couldn’t stop eating popcorn. Parker couldn’t either. He finished his bag before I did but I wasn’t far behind. When my bag was empty I had nothing else to do in the exciting scenes so I would punch Parker’s leg. He calmly picked up my hand and gently put it on the armrest before patronizingly patting it. He had that classic Parker look on his face. The frown smile that says “my mom is crazy!” I refuse to feel bad though. He chooses movies to watch or games to play because he likes to see me scream!

Our experience was delicious and really fun. We got home at 2:20. Just in time to do nothing before having to pick up Gwen.

We played Ticket to Ride again with Gwen. I won again by a long shot. Revenge was soon on its way because Parker and I played Chess today. He beat me both times. The second time was a severe spanking. He had only captured three of my pieces before I was in check mate. I’m not good at Chess. He kept laughing at me because we were playing the Star Wars version my brother gave us for Christmas. I had a hard time figuring out who everyone was and what they did.

Me: Is this my horse?
Parker: It’s not a horse, it’s a knight!
Me: I grew up with a set that had horses. There was a guy riding the horse but they were real horses!
Me: Who is this? Is this my castle? I mean rook.
Parker: Yes that’s BB8 and he’s a rook.
Me: Who is my queen again? Rae? Oops I moved Leia thinking she was my queen. She’s my bishop right? Who is this?
Parker: That’s a pawn. You keep thinking he’s someone else. He’s just a pawn.

It was worse when I asked who his guys were. I wanted to know what position they played so I knew how they moved. Parker would tell me their names. I know even less of the Dark Side characters! He had the good sense not to roll his eyes at me and get annoyed. He laughed a lot though. And he laughed harder when he won so easily. We haven’t had time for a Ticket to Ride rematch so I can dust off my pride.

Last night after dinner Heath took both boys with him to help with basketball. Parker was allowed to stay the whole time but I had to pick up Gavin. So Gwen and I had a bit of a girls night. Not that it was too exciting. She practiced for her spelling test then bathed while I finished laundry. We watched some TV and soon enough it was nearly 9:00 and time to get Gavin.

Heath and Parker got home around 10:30. Parker was taking care of the scoreboard all night. He was getting tired at the end and missed points here and there because he was falling asleep. I was surprised that he was the first one up this morning! Such a morning boy.

Today I did more Primary stuff. I made Parker read before he could play more video games. Then Heath joined us for lunch at Mr. Pickles. We decided not to walk. We ate there and it was delicious. Heath got back on the phone for more conference calls. Parker and I walked to the far end of the park to play on the playground. It was windy, cloudy and a little cold. Parker wasn’t in the mood to play too long. He had fun for a while and then we walked back home.

Before we knew it my phone was alarming me to pick up Gwen. Now we’re getting ready for Frozen on Ice. I’m sad that Parker’s week is over. We had fun. When I asked what his favorite part was he immediately said he liked hanging out with me. I agree. The hanging out part was the best.