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It’s been a wild weather day. In one hour temperatures climbed ten degrees. By 8:00 am it was 68 degrees. When I took Gwen to school temperatures had dropped to the low 60’s. The shifting winds caused the rise and fall in temperatures. It was pretty wild.

Parker went straight for the video games after we dropped off Gwen. He played for a little while and then we headed off on our walk to the 7-11. We decided to wear jackets since it had been cloudy and windy all morning. The sun decided to come out and stay out for the most part. The wind blew almost constantly.

We walked and talked and enjoyed the morning. Unfortunately I often suffer from shin splints. Today was one of those days. Parker was a good sport and went slow for me. It felt challenging enough just making it to the store. I appreciated the break from walking. I hooked myself up with my beverage of choice while Parker made his Slurpee concoction. He loves mixing Coke with Sour Patch Kids. Not flavors I would put together but he loves it.

The Sour Patch Kids flavor wasn’t set up all the way, or it was running out. He put the lid on to fill the top as he has been taught. The flavor came out so liquidy and fast it literally exploded, splashing Sour Patch Kids flavoring everywhere. We mopped up the mess as best we could and I tried to give him some more. It didn’t work well though.

We were looking forward to this experience and it fell a little short of our expectations. I had to laugh when we got home. I looked at my Fitbit to see how far we walked. I wanted so badly to say, “We walked three and a half miles and all we got was a lousy Slurpee and shin splints!”

I do think Parker had more fun than that. We sat in a bus shelter for a bit so I could rest my legs. Then we crossed the last two intersections into the park. He hoped I could rest while he played. It worked out perfectly.

He is so funny though. He insisted I take this picture and put it in my blog post. We love laughing about this sign every time we go through the park. No alcohol smoking pets. I think it should go without saying!

When we went to the park for a family walk on Sunday, Gavin gave Parker a challenge. He was supposed to go from slide to slide without touching the ground. Parker worked at it until he mastered it.

Today he decided to try going from end to end of the play structure without touching the ground.


I love watching Parker play. He has impressive upper body strength. It also reminds me of how we used to call him Curious George when he was little. That boy is such a little monkey!

The wind was picking up and it was getting pretty chilly. We walked back home to leftover taco soup for lunch. It was so yummy. Then we decided to rest our weary selves by watching a movie. Parker chose Inside Out. He saw the whole thing while I had a sporadic nap. It would have been more relaxing except I could hear myself snoring, which woke me up. Heath just informed me I was a one-woman snoring symphony last night. Maybe I need to do a sleep study too!

Parker: Her snoring is what caused all the garbage cans to fall over!

Thanks kid. No, it was so windy today that several garbage cans were tipped over. Parker saw at least one on every street on the way to school.

After the G’s got home, Parker and I had a Ticket to Ride rematch. His skills improved considerably! He kept blocking me. I was starting to get a little frustrated. I would be gathering cards ready to make a move and he would make my move first. So I would figure out how to go around and he would block me again! He had trains all the way around Santa Fe. There was literally no way to get to Santa Fe without transferring to a Parker train. He had blocked every entry point. So I couldn’t finish that ticket.

Parker ran out of trains before he could finish one of his tickets. That effectively ended the game before I could get one white card. I had plenty of wild cards but not a single white card to save my life. I had a plethora of every color but white. So when the game ended I laid down my four cars on the white tracks. I didn’t care that I cheated!

We counted up points and I still won. Both of us should have lost 13 points for the tickets we couldn’t finish. Even if I took away the points for the one ticket I cheated to finish, I still would have won. Parker was frustrated because after accidentally blocking me left and right, I still won. I sense another rematch coming on. That was an interesting game. I felt like I was playing with Heath.

Gavin finished his homework as quickly as he could so he could play with Parker. I thought that was cool. They were really loud but they were having so much fun. It’s been a good week so far.