My Little Miss is growing up. In one week she will be 8 years old. She cannot wait.

I can’t believe how grown up she is already. We went to the Oakland Temple grounds on Saturday to get some pictures of her. We picked two of our favorite pictures to use in her baptismal invitations. We will have to pick another one to display at her baptism. Of course she is beautiful. She was having a very Clarke day. Normally my kids have such a Westover look. Gwen is the exception. She has her moments where she looks like the women on my side of the family.

A couple weeks ago we bought the dress at Costco. It was perfect for what we were envisioning for these invitations. I told her to wear her boots for the photoshoot. They didn’t show up in every picture but the whole outfit was so adorable. I laughed as I remembered Gwen on Christmas morning opening those boots from Gavin.

“Thank you, Gavin! You saved my life!”

A little overdramatic but those boots sure have been put to good use.

After our little photoshoot we went to the distribution center to buy Gwen a set of scriptures. She is having a hard time waiting until her birthday to take them to church. She is trying to convince me to let her take them the day before her birthday! Since she knows every gift she is getting this year I think it’s only fair she waits.

It has been such a fun weekend. It’s not like we have done anything out of the ordinary, we have just had so much fun together. I heart my family! This whole week has been filled with family fun.

Today was kind of weird. It seemed to take so long to only get the boys haircuts and get lunch. I took the kids to the rock slide playground while Heath went to pick up his sleep study equipment. Gavin was a sweetheart playing with little kids at the park. I love watching him with young children. He also moments of brilliance with his own brother and sister. They worship him!

Parker is going a little crazy though. He is so excited about having a week off of school that he can barely contain himself. I’m looking forward to another fun week. It’s going to be good.

I love watching my kids get older. The older they get the more fun they are. I do miss when they were so little. My favorite was when they were 2, 4, and 6. In one week they will officially be 8, 10, and 12. This is a fun age too.

I just need to post more pictures of them. We haven’t been taking as many lately and it’s been hard trying to post any. Sometimes I hate that we switched to laptops. I miss my computer that I knew exactly how to use. Now I have to learn new programs and new ways of doing what I do. Even Photoshop is different. I’m glad Heath taught me enough about Lightroom to turn the raw photos he took into viewable jpeg pictures. And I’m quite pleased with how the pictures of Gwen turned out. She is her daddy’s favorite photography subject.