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Parker: Why are you asking me all these questions?
Me: I’m just trying to find out where you are in life.
Parker: I’m in 5th grade!

Parker: Sit over here.
Heath: No, I want to sit next to Mom. We love each other.
Parker: That was yesterday!
Me: Oh, so we can only love each other once a year?

Gwen’s class had their Valentine exchange and party today. Her teacher will not be at school tomorrow. So of course my kitchen table is full of wrappers and Valentine cards. Her teacher gave everyone a coupon for a free personal pizza from Round Table. Make spaghetti at home or let someone else make us pizza? It wasn’t a long debate. Any excuse to go out! We saw another kid from Gwen’s class there. I love that Mrs. O essentially gave the gift of dinner to her students.

Last night Gavin went to his first dance. We talked him into it. Then about an hour before he was going to leave I started getting a bunch of texts from the deacon’s quorum. How they got my number I have no idea! They were all asking each other who was going and if they were bringing the cookies the young men were assigned to bring.

The texts were kind of cute in a way. It was as if all these young boys were psyching each other up for the experience. I can only imagine how the young women were preparing for the special evening. Probably with lots of fashion tips, makeup, and hairspray. Not to mention all the giggles and blushing over boys. The boys were only brave enough to say, “Hey, who’s going tonight? And are you bringing food?” So caveman-esque. Men go to dance if food there.

I told Gavin he didn’t have to ask any girls to dance. I expected him to go and hang out with his friends having a good time. B-u-u-u-u-t … if a girl asked him to dance he better be a gentleman and dance with her. Unfortunately he is a 12 year old boy. The most we got out of him after the dance was that he had fun and yes he danced with a couple girls. No names, but he did say he danced fast and slow songs. That will have to satisfy for now I guess.

Heath was gone for a very long time taking Gavin to the dance. I texted him to see if he was just chilling in the parking lot until the dance was over. That seemed like a strange thing for a father to do for his first born son! A couple minutes later Heath walked in the door with a six pack of Diet Coke bottles and some other odds and ends from Target. I love that man!

He knew I was bummed about my shopping experience at the grocery store. And he loved my small gesture of love that I did get. I bought a big Valentine heart of chocolate. We ate it all after the kids went to bed. Best anniversary ever!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am so excited. I get the weekend off since we are having Stake Conference. So fabulous! And everyone gets Monday off. Yay! Then I get Parker all to myself while the 5th graders go to Outdoor Ed. People may judge me all they want for not sending my kids but you know what, I love having them home for a special week.

I asked Heath what he thought would happen when Gwen was old enough for Outdoor Ed. He immediately said she is the one kid he definitely doesn’t want going! Memories of girl drama from Diabetic Camp came to mind and I kind of agreed with him. We will still give her the choice, same as the boys. It will be interesting to see what she chooses. She is a lot more influenced by her peers.

It’s funny how Parker was so certain he wanted to stay home. For two years he has been planning on staying home. Then after all the brainwashing, I mean assemblies, about Outdoor Ed he suddenly said he wanted to go. This was well after I had asked him for his final decision before letting his teacher know. If he had said he wanted to go then I would have agreed to it. Parker is not Gavin. But to wait as long as he did after I already told his teacher we weren’t participating, I had to put my foot down. No Outdoor Ed. You can’t drink the punch late and change your mind!

There is no point to any of these stories. This is just a glimpse at my everyday life. I love it.