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When the groundhog graced everyone with his presence, he did not see his shadow. Supposedly this means we get an early spring. Does anyone else think that’s weird? If the sun is up and it’s a beautiful day, the groundhog is afraid of his shadow and hides for another six weeks of winter. If it’s another depressingly cloudy day, the groundhog is all smiles. Early spring! Whatever.

Spring comes early around here regardless of some silly oversized rodent in Pennsylvania. Gwen was freaking out when I pointed out the blossoms on the trees near school. What she doesn’t remember is we see those same trees burst with white blossoms every year at the end of January. I bought Parker some Claritin and started praying to the histamine gods to be kind to my boy.

I do worry that these gorgeously sunny and warm days are here to stay. El Nino has fulfilled every promise of a wet winter. Only California is not ready to be done with rain yet. The drought is still on. Since there isn’t much I can do to convince Mother Nature to keep the rain coming, we pulled down the shorts and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Maybe I won’t have to buy Gavin new pants after all!

The kids get a random holiday every February. We never have figured out what it’s for. This year Gavin’s vote was for a Super Bowl recovery day! That kid is funny! Gwen’s vote is for Chinese New Year. I don’t know. For some dumb reason they get two Mondays off in a row every year and the schools call both a holiday.

With wonderful weather calling us outside, I planned on taking my kids to a park for this random day off. Gwen is always begging to go to “The Zippy Park” in a neighboring city. Highs in the mid 70’s. It was going to be perfect.

Parker was annoyed that I had the audacity to plan ahead! He wanted another playdate with Paul. Good luck smiled on us and Paul’s mom emailed me this morning asking if she could pick Parker up for a playdate this afternoon. Parker could not be more excited. I hoped the G’s would enjoy the park without their brother.

I was a great mom and made camel eye toast for breakfast. Parker hated it. I wasn’t surprised. He always hates it. I was hoping that enough time had passed that maybe he would forget. I think he was the one who tossed most of his in the trash. Small sacrifices to be a cool mom to the other two.

Then while I was running in place in my room, Parker was complaining he didn’t feel well. He read my mind and hopped in the shower. It didn’t help. When I finished and was wondering if my legs might explode or if I should just pray for death, Parker said his stomach really hurt. He was deathly pale. He sipped water while I chugged it. Eventually he found his way into the bathroom to well, you know.

This was not the day I had planned.

I texted Julie to cancel the playdate. I felt so guilty about it. I kept thinking maybe Parker was just disgusted by breakfast. He really does hate fried eggs. I didn’t figure Julie would want a kid who just puked at her house. But couldn’t I just bring Parker along to the park? He could nap on a blanket.

When I got out of the shower Gwen was knocking on the door saying Parker needed me. Yep, the kid was definitely sick. Even his legs were an odd sickly pale color. My sister used to look like that when she was sick. The park was out of the question. Ugh.

Parker has tried to nibble on Saltines while sipping lemon lime soda from the Sodastream. His stomach refuses to cooperate. I guess it was our turn to entertain the stomach flu that has been going through the families at church. Thanks for sharing friends!

Gavin is out running while Gwen rides her scooter with him. At least they get to enjoy the awesome day. Meanwhile I am grounded with Sir Pukes a Lot. Poor kid. I hope he gets better soon because we have a lot of fun things planned.

This is the last four day week before Outdoor Ed. Everyone, including Heath, gets next Monday off. Then Parker gets to chill at home with me all week. We are both very excited and have big plans. Then on Friday we will go on an overnight trip. The next day we are going to Disney on Ice for Gwen’s birthday. A week or so later Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit. Get better quick kid!