These three words are often found at the end of stories. After so much conflict, hard work, and perseverance, the characters triumph and live happily ever after.

Then what?

Is that it? Dreams come true and then the world ends? Given the number of people who have lived and died on this planet we call Earth, life obviously goes on. It’s easy to get caught up in the words happily ever after. On the one hand it’s beautiful. The prince and princess fought off the evils of the world and lived happily ever after. *sigh* On the other hand it’s not reality. The story may end there but life doesn’t.

So what do you do when you have it all?

I like watching HGTV. It’s fun. Everyone on that channel is after the same thing. Home ownership. Not only that but many of them want their dream home. The whole process wraps up in 30-60 minutes. Even with all that heavy editing it is still obvious that hard work is involved.

Recently it hit me. What happens to these people after they finally have it all? They live happily ever after. For a time. At least until a new dream develops. Then they start over.

With every new dream a new story begins. Which means that people can have multiple happily ever afters in a lifetime. I once heard someone say that happy endings depend on where the story stops. I like that. My blog seems to illustrate that point. Most posts are written as I am in the middle of another life story. It may take several posts to find the happy ending. Or, like television, the story wraps up by the end of the post.

I think of my own happily ever afters. Going to college, becoming a teacher, getting married. That was a big one! After the happily ever after of our wedding our new dream became children. Each child was a journey and then having all three little ones pitter pattering around became its own story.

Back to the HGTV idea, the house we live in has been its own journey beginning with the happily ever after of finding the house and being able to move in. I love sitting at my awesome desk, that I helped build, and realizing how many transitions our home has gone through in the time we have lived here. It’s so cool.

At the end of every project I sit back and sigh contentedly. Can life get any better than this, I wonder. This has to be the end all be all to human existence! Until the next dream develops. One of us thinks outside the box and we stumble on a new idea. It becomes a project with a happy ending waiting at the finish line.

I love that about life. It’s human nature to want to improve. There is always something to improve. Though we may think otherwise, I believe it’s human nature to enjoy working to improve. It’s a process that is satisfying. As long as there are problems to solve and dreams to be realized, there will always be another happily ever after. Here’s to your next triumph!