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The East Coast has been pounded with snow. The storm has been lovingly referred to as Blizzard 2016. This storm has been anticipated to the point that TV commercials have been advertising their shows as a great way to pass the time during Blizzard 2016. Ironically the school designated Friday, January 22, 2016 as Snow Day. It’s been planned for months.

Not a real snow day. We don’t get snow where we live. The school has Flag Salutes once a month with a dress up theme. Friday’s theme was Snow Day. What do you wear for Snow Day when a cold winter day has highs in the mid-40’s? Heavy parkas around here are usually only worn for skiing trips hours away in the mountains.

I do think the timing of this particular Flag Salute was great. An entire student body was given the opportunity to dress like their compatriots on the opposite coast. We can’t pretend to know what you East Coasters are going through but for one day we dressed like you and felt like we were cool beans!

Here is Gwen decked out to the nines as if she is heading toward a major winter storm. I didn’t wear that much snow gear growing up and it snowed approximately six months out of the year! She could not be more proud of herself either.

I didn’t get a picture of Parker. He was more subtle with his school spirit. He’s like me. Not interested in dressing up for school because it’s weird. I always felt sick to my stomach on those days. What if I was mixed up and got the day wrong? Parker feels the same way. His compromise was to wear a long sleeved t-shirt with graphics of “Big Foot vs. Yeti.” It’s a fun shirt that fit the theme while not making him feel like he stood out in any way.

No snow on Friday. We did get rain off and on all day. It’s been the best El Nino winter ever! We have had so much rain I question whether or not our gazebo carpet will ever fully dry out.