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Cheap sounding chimes are coming through on my phone. Must change the sounds. AT&T is texting me survey questions.

“TRISTAN, thanks for meeting with meeting with Megan at our AT&T store for your mobile servicing. Blah blah blah”

I met with no one at any store. I mourned the loss of my phone by staying home watching Psych on Netflix. Heath was grateful to not have an entourage following behind him while he drooled over new phones for himself. Let’s face it, Ubi’s death was convenient good news.

I don’t even know what happened. I was just sitting there texting my mom. I replied and hit the button to turn off the screen. Maybe I held it too long because the screen said “Slide down to power off.” I didn’t want to power off! I slid up instead of down and things seemed to go back to normal. I pushed the button to turn off the screen but the text conversation still glowed on screen.

“Fine! I’ll let the screen turn itself off!” And I pushed the phone further up my lap before turning my attention back to the TV. My phone buzzed and I thought it was my mom texting back. No, the Nokia screen was up as if my phone had been powered off and was restarting. Weird.

Every couple seconds the phone would buzz and show the Nokia screen but nothing ever restarted. It wouldn’t turn on. Heath tried to work his magic. Nothing. He couldn’t get it to respond to a hard restart – when you push the power button and volume button at the same time. He took the battery out and back in. Nothing.

Ubi was dead.

Heath texted my mom that my phone was dead and suggested she call us to finish the conversation. After dinner Heath took my soulless phone to the mall. He had my Sim card transferred to his phone and hooked himself up with a new phone. I’m not surprised.

I shouldn’t tell this story out loud because it reflects poorly on him. But when I got my old phone (the one that just died), I gave him a hard time about always giving me his sloppy seconds while he gets the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. Of course then I teased him about the ridiculous Fablet he used to have. Gavin and I got the same phone that day while Heath got a prettier phone. A month later Heath admitted that my phone does quirky things like not rotating the screen correctly because it’s a cheap phone. Huh.

He “claims” I got his old phone because I wasn’t ready for a Windows 10 phone yet. He thought I would hate it. Which is probably true but not the point! Oh well. I blame him for making me dependent on a phone. It’s all his fault. Parker thought it was weird that his dad had to immediately fix my dead phone situation. But then he thought out loud.

“Oh yeah, you always get texts from Primary and you need to hear from Gavin …”

Yep. There are times when I silence my phone because it’s easier to ignore buzzing vibrations versus pinging incoming text messages. Yet I can’t live without it. I need the alarms, the time, and the peace of mind that comes with having it right there just in case. At least the camera is supposedly better in the phone I inherited.