As promised, Gwen and I worked on her cape together. That may not have been the best idea. I have never made a cape before. I have never worked with that type of fabric before. There were a lot of things that I would have preferred to figure out without a captive audience. We did get through the project together. It took a lo-o-o-ong time but we did it.

I even let her sew a little. At first I had her stepping on the pedal for me. It worked best when we had to refill the bobbin. She did press the pedal while I sewed. That was weird. Fun for her but I didn’t like not having control. The back seam was a completely straight shot so I stepped aside and let her go for it. She did a great job and loved every second of sewing.

She was so cute when I had sewed the first little bit. Grandma taught her how to hand sew. Seeing what a sewing machine does was like magic to Gwen. She was impressed with how quickly it stitches and how perfect the stitches are! I never learned how to hand sew. I’m sure it would be helpful for me to know how but I love advanced technology better.

The cape pattern was actually quite difficult for me. The directions were weird and I felt pressure with Gwen hovering over my every move. If I were to make another cape I would do it much differently. The fact that the cape is a costume was the only way I could get past the imperfections. It looks good and she loves it so that’s all that matters.

She looks very Sherlock Holmes with the hat. I let her play with my old hats. She loved the expansion to her dress up repertoire.

I was hoping for a fun little photo shoot of her costumes since we haven’t gotten around to it yet. She wasn’t very interested in that idea. This is a good picture in the sense that it shows most of what I got her for Christmas. The dress I made (I have since donated the pattern. It won’t fit her for much longer and it is too blasted difficult!), the princess gloves, the big floppy hat that came on a slow boat from China (literally), and the cape.

I love the floppy hat. It’s the perfect Victorian tea party hat.

This is the other dress I made. It was easy to make. I love its simplicity because it gives her lots of options. Here she is Josefina from the American Girl books.

On Christmas she was a pirate in this dress. I had shown her the pattern with the four different costume options. I pointed out that I made the pirate version. She was a pirate the rest of the day with the two scarves completing the look. One was wrapped around her waist and the other was tied on her head. Her new boots certainly helped sell the look. Too bad we didn’t get pictures because she wouldn’t put it on for me today!

When I made the dress I imagined she could wear it when she wanted to dress up like Mary or Esther or other Biblical girls. She is obsessed with Josefina right now. That’s the beauty of the dress though. And the scarves. They are quite versatile and create any costume her heart desires.

It was a good day off today. Heath and Gavin went out for a fancy steak lunch. Back when Heath taught the deacons, he promised them a steak dinner if they memorized section 121 in the Doctrine & Covenants. One boy did that and cashed in on his free steak meal today. Parker had his best friend from church over to play.

They played video games for an hour and a half while I finished the cape with Gwen. I finally told the boys that Paul’s mom was coming over soon if they wanted to do anything else. Hint, hint. They found other things to do. Paul’s mom came a little late which was perfect. The boys had more time to run around having fun. They were nice enough to let Gwen play with them. All in all, it was a good day. Back to reality tomorrow.