It’s a new year full of new possibilities. With each new year people like to make resolutions. In Japan, the people often make New Year’s wishes by purchasing a daruma doll. It’s an egg shaped doll, according to my second grader. At least that was how her class made their daruma dolls. It has no arms or legs and a heavy bottom.

If the doll gets pushed over it pops back up. This serves as a reminder to never give up. When a wish is made one eye is drawn on the doll. When the wish comes true, the second eye is drawn. Then you keep the doll until the end of the year. It actually sounds like a cool tradition.

Here is Gwen’s fill in the blank wish, spelling errors and all.

My wish for the year “of 2016” is “I can be better at foot boll.” One way I can help make my wish come true is “a can go out sidand play.” Another way to help my wish come true is “to play maden.”

This girl makes me laugh. While the rest of us are adopting healthier lifestyle choices or taking on new hobbies, Gwen is going to improve her football skills by playing outside and playing Madden videogames with her brother. Not a lot of 7 year old girls would even want to have football skills much less improve them! Gwen idolizes her brothers and hates that Gavin is “assessed” with football. I guess this is her way of bonding with him.

In the words of Shia LaBeouf, “Just do it!”

This video is a family favorite. Heath played it on his phone one night while we were playing a fun dice game we got for Christmas. The game is largely a game of chance. There is some strategy involved – knowing when to quit. We were talking each other into taking more risks by quoting the video. It’s also my new way of motivating my kids.

Give me flack when I tell them to bathe or shower – Just do it!
Whining when I say clean up – Just do it! Yesterday you said tomorrow!

Make your dreams come true! Nothing is impossible.